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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

l happen to know a 87yrs old woman who has a very weird hobby, she's educated and because of her growing age her brain is kind of ageing with her, her hobby cost her a bomb and has been giving her familly a real big headache. Well her hobby??? she just simply love to go for car rides, everyday she'll just dress up holding her handbag and just sit and wait, asking the same question whenever a familly member walks toward the door "where are you going" and she will jump into the car as soon as someone gets on the driver seat, regardless of whether she is allowed or not to go along. She'll follow the driver anywhere the car goes. On top of all that she'll go for $20.oo taxi rides if the car don't go out for 2 hours, can you believe it? If there is no ride for the day, she'll complain of a chest pain as though is a heart attack, so that someone in the family will have to bring her to the doctor, and she'll get that car ride. The familly doctor will just give her some vitamins, in actual fact the doctor says she have a heart as good as a 15 yr old kid. At the same time she is very very forgetful, losing her money by the thousands without knowing where is put or whom she gave(this is really a big big problem!) Any of you know someone who has this same kind of weird hobby?

Monday, August 27, 2007

2007, 26th august
It's the lunar 7th mth, the month of the hungry ghosts, well, it's traditional to perform prayers on the 14th day of the 7th lunar mth at our food centre. With plenty of folded incense papers, joss stick candles and off course food and friuts to be offered to the hungry ghosts, and prayers to be made by most of the store owners. As soon as the prayers are done, we proceeded to burn the offerings
after the bunning, "THE PARTY" STARTS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(braise duck)>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the END>>

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BREAKING NEWS TO ALL MY FRIENDS: Some months back l received a phone recorded msg through my house phone in mandarin saying that l must appear in high court on a certain date at 2pm, asking me not to be late, if any enquires l should press the button 9, so l did, a malay girl answer the call saying "Malaysia High Court can l help you" l was kind of blur don't know what to say, because l m not good in bahasa, so she pass my call to a mandarin speaking person asking me 'may she help me' l m still blur don't know what l should be asking, so l just said is ok, l'll call back and l disconnected the call, actually l was suspiciou because the chinese girl who answer my call sound the same as the recording voice, and also if is really got something to do with the high court l m sure they will write to me first, so l dropped the whole issue. Few days ago l received the same phone call, this time l m abit worried asking myself how could it be notthing if the high court call me twice? And there again no name was mention when they call, it might not be me, so l kind of drop the issue again, but with alot of questions in my mind. So l went to work and there..........l over heard some old man talking about the same kind of phone call has been going round, and people have been cheated thousand of dollar just to get out of the high court cases, is all done by con syndicate, they are so professional if not carefull you really believe they are real. Beware! Be careful and make sure you are smarter then them, hahaha

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

you know....... l have a very good friend who can be my grand daughter, l call her 'Serena Yorkie' . She always help me when l have high tech problems with my pc. Did you notice that l have a "chat box" and "music" in my blog? she did it for me, now when you visit my blog you not only enjoy the story.... you can also listen to music........ awesome man awesome...... hahaha, thanks to Serena Yorkie'. She have a wonderful blog too,

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hi..... it's me Million! to-day is a big day for me, mummy said that l was suppose to perform in some charity event. We started off at 7.30am, oh..boy....l m sleepy but mummy said we can sleep in the car for atlease two good hours. But... was woken up in just about half hr of traveling because mummy and daddy wanted to buy those delicious 'pau' from Air Hitam>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> smell nice though.........but mummy commented that is not as good as before, l thought so too, didn't smell that good.
So the journey continued, uncle Kelvin's direction was good, we reached the Event place with no time wasted, wow! so much cars............l felt a little nervous, because this is the first time l m performing the high jumper. Well.... my nervousness became worse as we got down the car, alot of barking by those Big kor kor, l m scared........mummy knew, she saw my ear drop next minute l was in her arm, mummy told me that those big korkors were supposed to be working dogs they are trained by "Johor workingdog club" to catch thieves and protect their owners, great huh!! wish l m as big as them(sign).
Mummy was so worried that l'll let her down again just like when l was in the "Ms Pageant" contest, so she put me on a 15mins trial at the carpark, it was no prblem at all, she's so happy with me. Then.........the moment came for me to perform, l was dressed up nice and pretty, walked on stage with a few big korkors, l began to be real nevours but l tried to show mummy l m brave and ready. l was the 2nd to perform, the 1st was a 7yrs old pom who performed tricks that mummy never taught me, kibble was put on her mussel then she stayed still without dropping it until her master say 'OK' then she'll drop it and eat it, so clever of her, l'll make sure mummy teache me that trick.
And is my turn now.........oh my god........l m so scared, so l did the jump over the jumper behind mummy a few time, and then out of a sudden after leaping over, mummy said 'sit' so l did, 'shake hand', l did too, 'down' nicely done, l was so impressed with the clappings that when mummy said 'bang' l didn't do it, so inorder not to embarras me mummy said 'OK' l was in sitting position facing the audience and 'kongxikongxi' l did it so well that l just stayed in that position for a good half a minute, mind you no treats( l don't take treats when l m out of house), then suddenly mummy said 'over' again, so l leap over the jumper twice and mummy did a bow, and was so glad that l cooperate can see the big smile on her face.
After that performance l m an instant star!, so was Dollar..... look.....
After all the hassle, l m so tired so we all left for home, another 2hrs sleep.
It was raining very heavily on our way home, so l had to sleep in mummy's arm, (Pppppssssssss....ssst rain scares me!)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Was on my way home listening to this spore radio channel 90.50fm, the DJ was asking a funny question that aroused my curiosity, so l turned up the volume, the question was: "When you think you'll die, 20yrs, 5yrs or next week?", he continued, "no one will ask such a question because everyone live as though we'll never die, just imagine a man die in that bus accident in Ipoh, he might have something that he wanted to do, but he didn't because he did not expect himself to be dead today", he continue "what l m trying to said is, we must live as though we are going to die tomorow and start doing things that we wanted to do for example, telling your love one that you love them very much, spent time with them, go fishing with your son or daughter, visit an old friend, just live to your fullest and enjoy life as though you are going to die tomorrow" l quite agreed with him, what about you?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here come the story of the "Python", the python actually going after the ducks, in those years of rearing so much ducks my dad had encounter not less than 3, each time is after having a feast of ducks and could not move, that how my dad caught it. What my dad going to do with the python.............?? Try guessing.........hahaha, we rear them, kind of like pets, but in a cage, not alow to play with it, just watching how slimmy it is. Talking about "national geography"! we don't even have a TV, so we didn't know that after having a feast of duck the python don't move for a while(don't know for how long) don't need to eat atleast for 6mths and this worry my dad, he goes around asking his friends what Python like best( isn't that funny) he tried all kinds of way to temp the Python to eat, at las......t my dad have to let the python go, because the python is on hunger strike(atleast that is what he think) and is life threatening for the snake. l m talking about overall python that my dad caught will be treated this way and end up that way too. I remember once when my dad and a friend tried to released a python by the riverbank, the ungrateful python turn back and chase them, that was really comical......... it really made me laugh when the story was related to me years latter, what about trying to imagine how is like to be chase by a snake, hahaha............................ A friend told me, photo of the python in my last post makes her uncomfortable, so no photo of "snake" in this post, hahaha........... Have a nice day, till we meet again here with more exciting story of me life.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Like l said before, l used to stay in a fruit and vegetable plantation when l was 5 to 10yrs old, l still can recall the white wooden house with attap roof, the railway line was about 40meters infront and a river name "Mengibol River" behind which my mom used to wash our clothes on the platform at the side of the river, this river brings back alot of memories. I remember those days some people earn their living by digging up the sand from the river, they have a kind of big platform made out of big drums that act as a sampan to collect the sand they dug up, l used to wait for that so call boat with a few of my friends to have a free ride almost everyday. We used to catch crap and fish and then cooked by the river and eat them....hahaha, used to invite friends to swim and have picnic too.......... sometimes.
Now........ the fruit plantation, basically local fruits like, rumbutan, mangostee, durian, grava, chiku and so on.........., the plantation don't belong to us, it belonged to the landlord and we are not suppose to pluck and eat them, but............we curi curi sometimes........ too tempting especially at night....hahahaha. Do you know that if there are fruits there will be alot of bats and this is scary though when you see them sleeping by hanging upside down, and sometimes they will hide inside our attap roof. We rare almost five thousand ducks in that plantation, from ducklings to ducks..... basically for our own use.......we sell braise ducks and sometime sell them to people who want to buy. We have a little pond for the ducks to swim and wash themselves, there is a very long house for the ducks to stay in with partition to separate the age group of the ducks, when you walk into that house you have to wear a knee high boots hahaha..... duck waste all over as thick as ankle high everywhere.
Sometimes these ducks do have nasty visitor "THE PYTHON".......................................... to be continue.......

Friday, August 10, 2007

Was just thinking, what would life be without online games for youngsters of today?.........Even l m hooked on certain games. Down memory lane of my childhood days, the games were so differant then, l used to play 5stone, masak masak, skipping, dolls and got my first doll when l was 6yrs old, life was real hard for us those days, mind not 'barbie' doll, just a plastic doll with movable hands and legs also a pair of blinking eyes, the hair is just a mold of the doll's head with paint on black hair(can you imagin how it look like) hahaha. 'Masak Masak', a malay word for 'cooking cooking'. l used to play this game with small girls around my age, miniture plastic plates, pots, kuali with a plastic stove, we pluck flowers, leaves and grass as vegetable, pretend cooking it and then put on plate, and pretending eating it, sometime we serve tea or coffee using just plain water, it was really fun. As l grew older we skip alot......with the skipping rope, l m sure most of you know what is a skipping rope, but do you know what is skipping aeroplane? hahaha... let me tell you. You draw 5 square boxes in a straight row on the ground with 1 square box on each side of the 4th square box, you have to use a stone as your marking, you start off with throwing your stone on the first box, skip over the box where your stone is, if you skip and step on your marking box you are out, this is a girl's game, this game is fun too. l used to stay in a friut and vegetable plantation, will tell you more in my next post....see you here again tomorrow hopefully , ta ta.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

After all the partying, now is back to reality, life is always up and down, even god have problem with Adam and Eve, so let's said, we must first treasure life especially..... close, love ones and those around you, even friends is just as important in life, imagine if love one is lost you need friends to be around right? when you are down and out you need friends to be around too, when you are happy you want to share not only with familly also with good friends, what life will be if we don't have friends?????............suicide will increase mad house will be build, people will go crazy by talking to themself instead of talking to friends. Now back to reality again, we must enjoy and be happy with people around us especially love ones, and bring back those happy and wonderful memories, who knows....maybe...... some time in the future, life is unpredictable we actually don't know what come next, atleast when ones is gone forever happy memories is still there and life is not regreted. l tried very hard to be happy and make everyone around me happy, hopfully 1 days when l m on the rainbow bridge looking down, l can see my love ones, good friends, those close and around me in the memory lane recollecting those happy and wonderful memories that we have shared. Maybe after watching a movie or have read something sentimental somewhere that give me the "inspiration" to write those little thoughts.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Before l go further into this posting, today is my daughter's birthday, here is my wishes to you... "A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU WITH ALL your DREAMS COME TRUE" love you lots, lots and lots, hug hug and kiss kiss. And also a 1yrs old birthday party for my grand niece 'Charlotte', isn't she cute?...the hair not fully grown yet, that's why she look really cute with the 2 hair clips, hahahaha, nice dress too, oh, my sister, Irene bought it from spore, cake cutting time, not much patient though, she want the cake all to herself...
...and now all forgoten, she is so happy and a born model, posing for picture.
Her cousins 'Ray' 6mths old, big dark eye, will be real handsome and have a serious and quiet look, he hate noises.
And here come the 2 tai kor cousin...................... .........................................'Nixon and Dickson'. Nixon is 4yrs old and Dickson is 2yrs old, both brothers are the 'tai kor' guess you know what l meant wah........ha.........ha.
well, my nephews, nieces, grand nephews and grand nieces are all very happy and enjoying themself, do you know who enjoy the most? ................................................................................
aunties and uncles, you know why? just look at the food.............................................SPICY Overall, everybody have fun, with good food, karaoke, most of all the birthday girl's present and ang pow.........................fatt, fatt, fatt!

Friday, August 03, 2007

It was just another morning of 2/8/07 (m'sia), l woke up turn on my pc and signed into MSN. Immediately, my hubby's window pop up, started chatting with him for less then 5mins, he told me his head is spining, and then the spining stop almost immediately. I asked him to go see a doctor and he said he will after using the toilet. And that's it. Next thing l knew was, his sister came on to my MSN and said they are calling the ambulance because my hubby couldn't walk or stand up, it gave me such a shock that l was stunt for a while not knowing what to do. Just pack a few things took the next train to S'pore. Was worried and wondering what it was until l received a SMS in the train from my sister-in-law saying it was not a stroke nor a heartattack. It was just an ear infection.........phewwwwwwwww, what a relief. Well, that's what l mean by taking good care of your health, even an ear infection is life threatening, can you imagine what will happen if he is alone driving or walking and suddenlly your head spin and you fell.......try imagining............ This is another part of my story. While l was on the train, was kind of relief after receiving my sister-in-law's SMS. There was this pretty lady sitting next to me started talking to me and as any 2 woman together we talk about fashion, travel, children blah, blah blah and lastly about beauty and cosmetic. She was asking what kind of skin care l used and complimented my complexion. It made my day. Really my complexion has improved tremendously since l gave up smoking 6 mths ago, Smoking has done alot of damage to my skin, not only talking about the amount of $$$$$ that l've spent on the cigrettes, but also the amount of $$$ that i've spent to get rid of all those ugly pigmentation. No matter how much I've spent, I still wont get the healthy glow cause i was still smoking then. After quitted smoking, l dont even need special skin care and l get compliments everywhere l go (shy, shy). Upon reaching S'pore, l hopped into a taxi. As usual, the taxi driver started to entertain me by talking about a little here and there, and.............there come another compliment....... saying l look good and healthy, hahahaha.........l have a great day.