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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What To do......

So much about maid's renewal, so.. she left for home on the 12/8. It's already a week now, and I had not been working since than, kind of wanted to get use to the situation without my super maid. Had been busy since I sent her off at the LCCT. Sweeping, washing, brushing, mopping and throwing all those rubbish that she had been keeping. A friend asked me ' why am I doing all these while my super maid is not around'? My answer: If I tell my the maid that, 'here not clean and there is dusty' can you imagine what will be her reaction? It's not so good right? So what I normally did was, when my maid goes home I'll do a spring cleaning, I mean really "spring cleaning", so when she come back everything will be clean and she just follow up, and mind you...not that my super maid is dirty is just me......self satisfaction......weird right...hahaha. Now that she is not around the house felt extremely quiet and I am kind of not use to it, she is not chatty or noisy, because it's just 2 of us in the house, now that she is not around the house seem quiet lor..even Million is less barky. Anyway..she'll be back in a month's time. Hopefully I can start work on Monday if I can hire someone to help me temporally.....let see how it goes.....
Oh! by the way...I had a new look.....A daring transformation...hahahaso tired of dyeing my hair every 3weeks, with this new colour, it can last at least 3mths, what you think of my new daring hairdo.......

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Maid's Renewal...

I was at the immigration the other day to renew my super maid work permit. It all started months ago when I was in Johor Bahru for a shopping trip. Since I am here I might as well go to the immigration to get some information how to have the renewal done, example, forms to fill the $$ that I have to paid for levy and so on.... To my surprise the immigration was shifted to Kempas, so I was thinking to myself, it's ok, will get the new address from the website.
Can you believe even up to today the Immigration's website do not have the new address of Johor Bahru Immigration, anyway after much much hassle like calling them and checking every possible ways to get the address I manage to hold of the address. Now I have to depend on my GPS to guild me and what happen.....I don't know why the GPS cannot find the exact address, only can locate the 'Taman'. When I reached the Taman I asked around and I got there save and sound at 9am.
This is how it look when I arrived, rolls and rolls of foreign worker queveing, it was the thumbprint things that causes the congestion, some of them have been there for 72hrs. It's kind of scary though.
Lucky for me because for renewal it's on a differant's a breeze for me, took about half hours everything is done.
It's easy actually we can do it ourself, let me tell you how.
1. For the 3rd year extension the maid need fomema(medical).
2. For 4th year onward not need medical(fomema)
3. Bring Maid passport.
4. Paid the levy of Rm445.00 in Bank draft.
5. Take a number and you are on your way......
And bingo, everything is done within half hour.
You can have the extension done 3 months before the expiry date, but at least 1 month before or else they will be a fine.
Well this hassle will last me a year then we'll see if there is any change of rule.....