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Monday, January 31, 2011

Flood part 2

Like I said yesterday if it continue to rain my shop will be affected, so it sad. Well, flooded 1 foot high mud water. Took us almost 3hrs to clear it, and the wooden plank on the drain was also missing. One of the affected shop. The river water is still very high, if it continue to rain we might be hit by another flood, and we will be in our swimsuit instead of all those new clothe we bought to celebrate this year of the Rabbit.....a

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flood again....

It's flooded again, have been raining cats and dogs since yesterday. I remember the last flood was in December 2006, and our shop was flooded too, and the MBK(town council) gave us 6mths free rental......hahaha, this time round until now my shop is not flooded yet, but if it continue to rain it will. Here are some picture I took this afternoon.
This part suppose to be a vegetable plantation, all the vegetable is gone.Our River MengibolKampong Melayu, is always first to get flooded,and worse affected around Kluang town area.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Like I said in my last posting, busy, busy still very busy, hahaha. I had finished the coat of paint, and I also finished sewing some mattress bag, threw away all the old pillow and mattresses replace them with new one, now the whole house smell new......what should I said to myself.....
Hah!!! Take a Bow....Mission Accomplished with Satisfaction,.... yay!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And now 2011

My 2011 start off as busy, busy and still very busy. Spring cleaning, a new coat of paint putting up the Chinese New Year decor, still so much more to do, so much just for a Lunar New Year and it only last 15days. Funny right........ it's the same for everybody in different walk of life, different races and different religions, they did just the same for their New Year, example, Depavali for the Indian, Hari Raya Pausa for the Muslim and Christmas for those who celebrate and off course 1st January for the Japanese and many others around the world. Anyway......."Gong Xi Fatt Chay" to all and Happy Holiday too........

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My 2010

Just a blink of the eye....2010 it's gone, I must said this is the most exciting and adventures year for me. It was a Mother and Daughter team through out all the traveling in year of 2010. There was many many laughter and happy memories for me to cherish and it's still linger in my mind, sometime I just laugh to myself when a funny moment appear in my mind.
A quick summary of our tour........
January- A trip to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah
February - Ruby's Resort (Chinese New Year)
March- Kuching, Sarawak
April- Ho Chi Ming, Vietnam
August- Ruby's Resort again
October- Frances Yip The Pink Ribbon Concert
October- Siem Reap ,Angor Wart, Cambodia
November- Beijing, China
November- Cruise on Star Pieces
December- an unforgettable Xmas celebration in Kuala Lumpur
December- 31/12/2010,countdown at Kluang Country Club And now....... good-bye to this exciting and adventures year, welcome the year of 2011, "MAY IT BE A HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND HAPPY YEAR FOR ALL", one thing for sure, won't be traveling as much as 2010...........It's going to be a relaxing year for me....