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Monday, August 23, 2010

3Days/2Night at 'Ruby's Resort'

We arrived 'Ruby's Resort' at about 2pm just the right time to check in. There were some changes in the rule and regulation of the resort for dog lover that I am not aware of. Guests who bring their fur kids along needs to bring their own bed sheet and towels, after much persuasion kind Ruby willing to loan me some bed sheet, in the end I didn't use it. After checking in, we headed straight to 'Hai Peng' kopitiam for coffee lunch. On the way back to the resort we stop by at one of the supermarket and bought a set of bed cover that come with a comforter and is not too expensive so I bought it use it straight away and kept it for future use.
'Ruby's Resort' is a paradise, with beautiful beaches, cosy environment and very much at home kind of resort, it's a wonderful breakaway holiday.
We came here to celebrate 2birthday for Redbabe and Husband, and a 9yrs wedding ceremony for Evie and Dennis. We had BBQ on the 2Nd night as a celebration for the purpose of this trip, this 2 cake was compliment from 'Ruby's Resort'. We sang, eat, drink and watch the beautiful spark from the Bonn fire. Great place, nice bunch of people, met some new friends, we had great fun. Other then all those stuff that we did with our fur kids by the beach, like walking, burying(honestly Sunshine love it) running, swimming with them.
This trip I did so much more than the February trip because they were no game of mahjon so most of the time was spent with the doggies by the beach, woke up early to watch the sunrise, did a little yoga and my favorite stick exercises.
As usual on the final morning of our trip after our wonderful breakfast,is time to mark our self after paying the bills, hopefully the next time to 'Ruby's' we can stay in the same room, and also hope that whoever stay in, leave this whole pillar for me to mark, hahaha. I'll be back.......

Monday, August 16, 2010


We will be going to Ruby's Resort again since last February, this time round it's for a wedding anniversary and 2 birthdays celebration.
Since 'Ruby's Resort is doggies friendly, Million and Dollar was invited to join the party. I was in Kuala Lumpur a day earlier to spent sometime with my 2 birthdays child, Redbabe and her husband Harrison. It was a smooth journey until the last toll(Sg.Besi) that I took a wrong exit and I was lost, and this is all because I was so confident that I did not double check the routh and forgotten that the last I drove to her house was in February, the other of the trips was by bus. So...with the help from Redbade though the mobile phone and "Bingo" I arrived safely in 1 hour, with Redbade standing outside her gate shaking her head and laughing her guts out to welcome me, and what did I said in one of my entries.....the age thing.......hahaha! So conclusion was I seriously need a "GPS".
Ok, ok back to the birthdays part, got Redbabe a present and went for dinner in 'Unique Seafood'. We had a great time here laughing and eating especially the yummy.We order the usual stuff, prawns, our favourite Kai Lan with ikan bilies, bamboo shell and this time round we order 'snow crap', it was my first time to have a taste of this high and mighty snow crap, it's really very different from those local or sri lakan crap. The crap meat is thicker and sweeter, we had it cook with salted egg, thump-up yummy, so is the bill, hahaha. Thanks to my son-in -law.
And that concluded the first day of my arrival in Kuala Lumpur.