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Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is it call???

Before I go any further, I would like to apologizes for the Beijing entry, because I really don't know where to start, overall it was a very interesting and wonderful trip with many nice scenery and good experiences. Actually there is so much to write about but.... I just don't know where to start so...... And I found a way out.... ^-^ why not go to this link ' Redbabe cozy corner' to check out our Beijing trip with beautiful photo and write up. _____________________________________________________________
This morning was the first time that I track the mountain alone, and the mountain looked nice from far. As usual I arrived at about 7.30am because the aerobic start at 7.45am, it is not only aerobic they mix it with an Indonesians step dance call 'Bochoi Bochoi', any of you heard about it before? It goes like....2 step on the right, 2 step on the left than 2 step back, tap front, tap back 3 times, then side way 2 steps to the right and left and back and tap and side, and repeat, very fun, it finish in hour and I carry on walking 3 time up and down the track at the base of the mountain. Today I saw an old man playing a musical instrument(can't remember what's the name of the it). I remember during my school days I use to see other fellow student playing it, but I don't see it anymore nowadays.....think it's going extinct, hahaha.....So I had a chat with that uncle, it seem he use to play that instrument when he was young and love it, only recently that he took it out and started to play again, I must said the music sound so lovely unlike those sang by 'Lady Gaga", but really old Chinese oldies, now we not only have free aerobic and bochoi bochoi, we now have nice music too, hahaha

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's easier say than done.....

Join 3 of my girlfriend for a drink after work. One of the girls 'Mei' was telling us how her 81yrs old mother drive her crazy, and we were exchanging note about our mother. After hearings all their stories about their mom, thank god... my mom was really an angel. Well... after a few drinks one lead to another we end up talking about grief. Mei was saying, she had done her duty as a daughter, providing the best for her mother and not feeling guilty if she pass on, she'll not grief because she is now learning to "detach". Can we really "detach"? I think is easier say then done. I told myself while I was taking care of my mom that 'I will have no regrets or that guilty conscious' when mom pass on because I took care and gave her the reality..... it's not like that, after mom pass on I have this feeling that if I had done this or that, she'll not fall sick or she'll not die, you know that sort of things, so I believe when the time come Mei will surely feel the same. Talking about grief ting, they think I am very strong and handle the grief very well. was not easy, I said....some people grief openly, as for me I grief quietly inside and put a very strong front even till today it's hard, because I stayed with mom for 20yrs under the same roof doing everything together for 7300days, and..... everything has a memories. Again....can we really "detach"?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rainbow on Cruise

I mention in my last entry that I will be going to Beijing follow with a cruise to nowhere in a group of 30 people which included my 2 sisters. and this entry suppose to be about the Beijing trip, instead, I'll write about the cruise, Beijing will come latter.
It was a 2d/1n tour, sound funny right? Let me explain.......the bus will pick us up from Kluang south of Malaysia at 9pm and the journey will take about 10hrs to Penang north of Malaysia arrived 6.30am, there goes 1night on the bus. A day tour around Penang was conducted by the travel agent basically to most of the tourist attraction which contain mostly temples at the same time the tour guide will also bring us to factory or shop that sell the Penang delicacy, unfortunately I didn't buy anything. The Penang tour ended with eating the famous 'Penang Laksa' and 'Chendol', maybe the guide brought us to the wrong place the food here suck.
We go on board the Star Pieces at 5pm, a quick tour around the ship by the tour guide, Star Pieces is one of the smallest of all Star Cruise , nothing much to see. So we all went to the deck to look at the scenery on board, to my surprise a 'Rainbow' appeared, I love rainbow, I always felt very happy when I see rainbow and it always appeared at the right time.....
A buffer dinner was set for everybody onbroad the ship, and they serve yummy food. there is prawn, crab, mutton, fish and many type of vegetable, tasty though. Up to the deck again to have some fun taking photos and we all went to the casino, I had a few game donate some money and early back to the cabin, really too tired. The cabin was really not too bad, no window but they put a round mirror on the wall that look like a cabin window, very clever of them, hahaha. Chat with my sister and call it a night.
Breakfast was server at 7.30am, just as much and nice food. Nothing much to do after Breakfast because we only due to check out at 10am, since it's still very early, I did some burning by walking up and down 6floor and round the ship 5time, when I went back to the cabin and told my sister about it, they think I am crazy hahaha.
So we check out and said good-bye to the ship and get on the bus. The next stop will be in Serembam for lunch.

Today is also the 21st birthday of my nephew Jason, and the tour guide bought a birthday cake for him and we sang the birthday song in 3languages, (1Malaysia mah), with this our tour ended.

Overall it's was really fun not so much of the ship, it's the group of fun people...........

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Pink Ribbon Concert

Compliment from my daughter's in law, to watch the 'Pink Ribbon' charity concert by 'Frances Yip'. What is Pink Ribbon? October is the 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month', with some of the known building around the world were light up pink, to show their supports. So this concert was name as "A Pink Charity Evening with Frances Yip". Because she was one of the survivor of breast cancer. I must said she is fantastic, even at 63year old she still has that powerful voice, and a good entertainer too. Thanks to Mr n Mrs Woo, I had a great time enjoying all those oldies that Frances sang. Didn't take any picture with her so just copy and paste from Redbabe. After this concert, we were on our way for a 7days trip to Beijing. With all these tight schedule of my trip I have to write about Beijing soon after I come back from the 'Star Cruise'. Good night everybody.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Siem Reap 2010

I better get started before I go on the cruise in a few days time. I am back to Cambodia, Siem Reap again, to fulfil a promise that I made on my last trip. This time was with daughter "Redbabe" and an old couple friend. The weather was not as good, it is super hot, unlike the last trip in 2009, it was rainy almost through out the whole trip, which is better if you ask me, I would prefer raining because it's much cooler. When it is super hot, it spoil everything, sticky and sweaty and our Tour Guido suck, thank god we had good company, an Indian mother and daughter happen to joined into our group and we click well, had great fun laughing, joking and comparing notes about that suck Guido(I can't even remember his name) who carry an umbrella any time in the day whether it rain or shine, really funny guy, and very unhelpful Tourist guide
Talking about photo taking....well....since I had been here before and took many picture, on my last trip, I just kind of enjoying the scenery more than photo shooting. Anyway, here is some comparison on the photo from before and now just for fun, hahaha. The reflexion in the pond of Angkor Wart is not so good this trip because of the dry season. The rainbow bridge without the rainbow this time. This part was close the last year.
This 2 headless Buddha is no more in "Angkor Wart", according to the Guido it's already moved to the national museum.
By the way Redbabe took alot of picture but not yet finish editing, she will post in "Redbabe's Cozy Corner" as soon as it's ready.
This time round we went to a few shopping area in the local market, and saw a manicure, pedicure and hair saloon in the middle of the wet market which we'll never see it in Malaysia, over here such business is always located in shop lots.
And this.....guess what they are selling? Snake meat? When I first looked at it, I thought it was snake meat too, hahaha.... NO, NO.......It's dried boneless fish meat, amazing isn't it? Wonder how it taste?
Even though it's sweaty, sticky, dusty and a sucky Guido, we had great fun and laughter, because we are a group of nice and happy bunch, that made it a very memorable trip.
Have a nice day and smile.......

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Been Missing Right?

Yes....I had been missing for quite a while. So much has happen since my last entry. A visit to Cambodia again as I promise on my last visited, when for the "Pink Ribbon"(October Breast Cancer month) concert by "Frances Yip" and then to Beijing, will be going for a short cruise in 3days time, so hectic isn't it? Never mind la, because theses trips will be my last for the year 2010. Anyway, just came back from Beijing, I need sometime, will write about all those trip as soon as I finish editing the photos. Promise and hopefully you don't have to wait too long.