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Friday, September 11, 2015

Life After Death

I came in here mainly because I have a little time and wanted to blog about another subject, found out I had to finish the part 3 of my" Life After Death".
Well...... it was my true experience that I really want to share the few second of my death experiences. 8 yrs ago, but i'st still very clear in my mind.
 I felt like fainting, just drop on to my bed and next I was walking towards a very serene land fill with beautiful grass and trees I would said very inviting and relexing, I can see miles and miles of green land, not sure whether I am walking or floating, but.... there's no sign of living creature, no birds, no insect or human only me going toward the far end which I saw a big black log, somehow deep inside me I knew it was the 'Black Hole', and at the same time I also remember we use to joke about the 'Black Hole'," never walk into it and don't follow the light", that's was the first thought that came into my mind. Next I heard my Daughter telling my brother that I am dead no pulse, and I can hear my whole family was shouting and calling me.  Through my this experience.... the first 30 to 60 second of death we can actually hear what is happening outside our body communication is possible at this time.  This very  moment....I knew I am dead and I told myself I cannot die, my daughter is not married yet and she just lost her biological father 6 months ago, she'll be very this point I turn back and woke up, I felt like I have gone for ages, but actual facts was only less than 80 secs and that was my first after death experience.
The 2nd seizure came about 90 secs after I woke up, and this time I saw 2 man dress in beige safari pantsuit like those with many pockets and flap over the shoulder, coming to take me with them, but then at the same time I also saw 3 man with back facing me standing in front of my room door fighting them off from taking me.  And this time round it took me almost 2 mins to come back according to my daughter, and she thought I was gone because it took too long for my pulse to come back. The minute I woke up I asked them "who is those guys fighting in our house", my brother just grab a blanket wrap me up because I was so cold and turning blue, carry me to the car straight to the hospital. Two more seizure in the hospital but no more drama....hahaha...
And with that my true experience of "Life After Death" final chapter had just completed, hope you enjoy reading....Bye....