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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good-bye Kota Kinabalu

Day 3 Today we will be leaving K.K at 6.30pm flight. Upon checking out at 1pm, Yenny's arrived. She brought us to a very unique lunch. A bowl of clear soup consists of every part of a fish (stomach, liver and so on). It was really yummy. Did a bit of shopping too. We bought some Sabah Tea and Coffee as souvenirs for our friends. Since we still have plenty of time to spare before our departure, Yenny invited us to her house to play play with her dogs.

She own a Miniature Schnauzer named Jade, a Golden Retriever named Ivory and a mongrel named Ruby. From there, off we went to the seafront near the airport to have some satay...

...and fresh coconut.

Overall, it was a very good trip, we both had a great time laughing, eating, shopping, massaging and many more. What I enjoyed most in this trip is the mother daughter bond that we shared.And for the first time in 32 years, I felt like a mother. The attention and cares I received from my dear daughter during the whole trip, that's a new found feeling and I love it. All those years when mom was around I always felt like a daughter because both 'daughter' and 'grand daughter' will take care of mom all time. Attention priority was always given to mom. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am just enjoying my new found statue, hahaha.


That, ends our tour in Kota Kinabalu. As usual, we love the place very much (like how we always did with everywhere else we went) and will definately be back again if we ever get the RM0 fare tickets from AirAsia again. Oh yes, my holiday didn't stop here I extended my self given annual leave tell you more in my next entry.


Lastly THANK-YOU my dear Bo pees for this lovely trip, muack!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kota Kinabalu- day 2 to the Mt. K.K

We went for a day tour to Mt. Kinabalu Park on day 2. A young good looking guide named Sarab picked us up from the hotel lobby at 8.30am. The trip was a good experience. We were very lucky to get a clear view of the peak of the mountain. According to the tourguide, it was usually covered up by clouds. We had lunch at the foot of the mountain before entering the park. Believe me, we were so lucky that day that we even get to see the world's biggest flower in full bloom. The Rafflesia Flower, also known as 'Keithii'. Other than its gigantic size, they are also very rare. The bud takes 9 months to mature and once bloomed, it will only last for a maximum of 7 days. Don't you think we are very lucky?

****** We went for a short hike up the hill to get to the 'canopy walk'. It was amazing. The canopy walk is actually hanging briges erected high up on the trees, connecting from one tree to the other. We were so high up and if you look down, it was kind of scary. You imagine how tall those trees are...

After that, we went to dip at the hot spring. There, they have two kind of pools. Open public ones which are free or you can book a private room which cost only RM15.00/hour. We took the private ones because I was not prepare for it. Our tour ended here. The tourguide send us back to the hotel after our hot spring bath.
Back at the hotel, we hurriedly went for another massage session. Later that night, we met up with my daughter's friend, Yenny. She was very entertaining and a very warm host. She brought us to a seafood restaurant nearby. We had lobster, some shellfish, abalone and crabs and it cost RM200++. Quite cheap compared to Kuala Lumpur's standard and yummy too. I don't know how it happen but I don't have any picture on this one, Redbabe got it all. Here we waved good night to our day 2 here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Remember what I said in my last entry? Redbabe and I was going for a short trip. Well... we went to Kota Kinabalu for a 3d/2n holiday from 10/01 till 12/01. I supposed to leave for KL on Friday and from there, will catch a plane to KK on early Sunday morning. But instead, I went to watch 'Avatar' on Friday night. Have heard so much about it. Therefore, it is a must see. Met up with Tenny for steamboat dinner that night and St.Chaire joined us later for the 9.15pm show. We enjoyed it so much. It was really nice to watch something different. We parked our car on the rooftop of the mall. When we went to collect our car later, I took a few pictures of St.Chaire and it turn out like that. Scary and weird.**** I took the 2.30pm deluxe bus on the next day (Saturday) to Kuala Lumpur. It was very comfortable. I got off at the Petronas station just after the Sg. Besi toll and my daughter came to picked me up. We went to a very special sea food restaurant at Klang that evening with Terri and her family. Overall it was nice except for one of the dish; the stingray. It was not fresh. Very not fresh. We rejected it. Cheap though. ***********
Our flight to KK the next day was an early one departing at 9:30am. Therefore, we have to be at the airport latest by 8.30am. Since we did not get to have any breakfast earlier, we went to this 'Buy N Fly' cafe to have our not so nice and expensive breakfast before boarding onto Airasia flight number 5215. We arrived in KK after 2hours 30mins later. We checked into the "Imperial International Hotel" there. Imagine being given a room with no view but facing a hall instead? The feeling was bad so we requested for a change. With RM20.00 extra we get this view.......and this red lazy chair, hehehe. We went out to look around after that. Saw some billiard saloons with lots of people (dare not take picture as they don't look very friendly). We had our late lunches in one of the coffee shop. On our way back to the hotel we collected some flyers of massage services. It was really cheap. Rm55.00 for 1hour of body massage and half hour of foot massage. Both of us went for it and they did a really good job. It was very relaxing. We saw many big umbrellas by the sea front from our room window and decided to check it out after the massage. It was actually a Philippine market selling everything from fresh vegetable to seafood and cooked food too. The barbecue seafood looks so yummy. We couldn't resist it and ordered some squids, prawns and fish (7star grouper). It was so delicious especially the sambal (chilly sauce) and super cheap too. The feed back was, must come back again tomorrow.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Beautiful New Year Party!

St.Chaire and I went to have our nails done for the night's party at her house.It's going to be a busy week for me starting today. Took a week off, a self given annual leave, hahaha. The party at St Chaire's was great. The host, the food, the guests, the beautiful set up was superb. She always held great parties.
Coincidentally, I met quite a number of my friends from the old school days. Get to catch up with each other. It was great.
That night, at the party, there were many scenes to behold; Father and daughter dancing away to the music... 'overgrown' children playing games and etc. Nice.
Well, I think I'll just show you some of the pictures instead. Need to catch a bus to Kuala Lumpur and then a plane for a short vacation with my daughter, Redbabe. Will tell you more when I am back. Bye!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Day

Wanted to wake up late today, but woke up just about 15mins later than the usual time, biological clock cannot be adjusted. It was bright and's new year' day so must be happy so everything will be good for the next 12month, just as I was about to make some breakfast for myself, Tenny called, and then St. Chaire call asking me to pick Tenny and go to her house for the first breakfast of 2010, yeah!!! that's means I get all my breakfast free for the rest of the year(just kidding). It was really nice and yummy with the outdoor environment.
Talk, joke and making fun of each other having great time to start off the year 2010.