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Friday, May 28, 2010

Wesak Day

I had so much to write, my thoughts, the finishing of Mom's room, met up with 2 old friends which I have not met for more than 20yrs, and today 'Wesak Day'. Will write about what happen today, and that's 'Wesak Day'. For those who do not know what is 'Wesak Day' it is the birthday of 'Buddha', most important day for Buddhism. Most of the temple will be celebrating this holy day with free vegetarian lunch and many big event like 'float'
lion dance
dragon dance, children dancing and so on, got the above 3 photos from the web,( couldn't make it to the parade so no picture)
I am not the temple type and infact I only visited the temple once a year during Chinese new year for thanks giving. Surprisingly I decided to visited one of the temple to actually see how this day is celebrate, at the same time have a vegetarian lunch, no meat for me today just 1 day, hahaha. The thought of visiting the temple came to my mind while I was driving, so I just pick a temple on my way. And here it is>> I can see the crowd even before I stop my car, a long queue to bath the Buddha, also a long queue to get the food. Wishing candle, These beautiful trays of flower and leave, symbolise the 'Buddha's garden and my plate of lunch.
From the cook to the sweeper is all voluntary, as I said before I am not the temple type so I really can't tell you much except snapping photos, let's hope the picture can tell the story, hahaha .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Take Five

The 1st quarter of the year 2010 has been very adventures for me, as you can see in my past entries, Janaury to Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Febuary Kuantan Cherating, March Sarawak, Kuching and April Vietnam, Ho Chi Ming. And what have I been doing in the 2ND quarter of the year? Nothing much so far, just take it easy for the time being, went to the movie, to the gym, coffee and gossiping with friends, spent more time with my 2 furkids, sudoku and have been working very hard making more money for the next holiday, hahaha... , anyway, that's my life so far........
BUT......At last, I had gathered enough strength and force myself to clear mom's room. Her pretty clothes, personal belongings and many other little things that she cherished. There were a few family photo albums that she kept next to her bed. Memories kept rewinding as I looked thru those old photos. Photos of her children from childhood, school days, family outings, birthdays, holiday photos and so many others. Quietly by herself, in the privacy of her own bedroom, she must have gone through them thousand of times with her magnifying glass. And from these photos, I noticed that of all her 5 children, I am glad that I spent the most time with her.
Found photos of us holidaying in Perth, Lake Toba, HongKong, China and the last was on a cruise. That time, she was already in a wheelchair after suffering a mild stroke. Other than those mentioned, there were countless other local trips too. I am so glad that I had so many many beautiful memories of my mother and I felt so blessed to be able to stay and take care of her till her last breath.
Sorry no photo for this entry, I don't know why I can't get the photo uploaded, any of you encounter such problem lately?

Friday, May 07, 2010

Mother's Day Surprise

It all started with me grumbling about a missing Rm50.00 (will tell you more latter) with this young man patiently waiting to be serve and at the same time listening to what I was saying. When I finished grumbling, I asked him what can I do for you, he told me that he saw in one of the website '' introducing my food and he wanted to tried it himself. So I serve him and set down to have a chat with him, to my surprise we chat like old friend and talked about almost everything, hahaha. And.....this is where the surprise started....he told me he had to go and handed me this bag, my reaction was "huh, gadget acer?what's that, got present for me meh?" Then I looked inside, the wrapper with print of "I Love YOU" ar.......then suddenly I realise "opps! that got to be from Gladys right?" And all this while his phone was on while we were talking and Gladys was actually at other end listening to our conversation and laughing her guts out, cute nice guy, and I must said "THANK YOU" Mr. Ng. And with my Po pee's present I should be looking much younger when you all see me next, hahaha.
THANK YOU MY LITTLE PO'S PEE, you always surprise me with beautiful and lovely surprises, I love them all....muaak...k...k
And here is the story of my missing 50bucks, how it happen I don't know,but really missing right in front of my eye, conclusion was, it just an illusion. Latter that evening I think real hard and tried to recall the whole situation, and I pretty sure was some kind of tricks that he used. I actually saw a 50buck, and it was register in my mind that it was a 50buck that I took from him, but when I was at my counter took out the change I suppose to give him back,I couldn't find the 50bucks, I only saw a Rm5.00 just didn't cross my mind that this Rm5.00 could be the money that he gave me and my mind kept telling me it's a Rm50.00 that I took from him funny right? Looking high and low for it and no where to be found worse of all he insisted that I took a 50buck from him, so how??? I gave him the balance change back, so stupid of me right? Rm50.00 nowhere to be found and yet I gave him back the change accepting the fault I couldn't believe that's me. Liked the chinese saying goes 'small money don't go big money don't come', that's why I received these expensive gift from my po pee's, hahaha.