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Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a JOKE

I suppose to talk about the gym and weight losing, but, hai..i...i, everything went haywire for the past 2 wks, 1st the kitchen pipe burst, than TV kapus, fellow by the malfunctions of the glucose tester and my room air con is down, worse of all my pc is also down, can you believe it???? All at the same time fellow by 1 another, and all these is costing me a bomb, at the wrong time, I was like a mad dog running around getting the right people to repair it, lucky thing I can repair the pipe myself or else it will be worst in $$. When l spoke to my technician who repair my aircon and tv, he came out with a joke, saying..."your mom is just being playful, she might be the cause of all these" hahaha, what a joke......

Monday, May 18, 2009

Special DIET and determination

I have maintain a perfect weight of 50kgs for almost 15yrs, whenever it goes up, l'll bring it down and if is below 50kgs, l'll bring it up without problem. But things were not the same when l got older, l have been putting on weight since 2007 when l survive a heart attack and quit smoking with healthy diet. My weight shot up quite fast to almost 57kgs with the height of 5fts, I really look awful, l try all ways and means to lose weight spending thousands of dollar on nutritious food, it only goes down for awhile and it got back again. I was really stress just by looking at myself in the mirror and couldn't believed that's me with bulging tummy resting on my dressing table. So l join the gym and started work out, l feel good but my weight don't seem to go down, and l really don't like the way l looked, the more l stress the more l put on, even though l watch diet, it get worse recently after mom pass away, l don't know why, can you imagine how stress l was? So one day l told myself l must have the determination, excercises and coordinated with a special diet for myself, l have a very full b/fast that consist of, cereal, blacksesame with walnut, pure black sesame and flaxseed drink together with 2 slices of whole meal break with cheese. Lunch and dinner l'll cooked vegetable stew with carrot, potatoes, tomatoes and big onions l'll put in fish and sometime chicken breast meats. An apple for teatime, sound boring right? But....l kind of enjoy the soup of stew. On top of this l'll go to the gym everyday to burn about 300 to 400 calories a day, l lost 3kgs in 18days, even though it is 3kgs which is not alot but l did it and is a good start, the determination to stayed on that diet for 18days is great, off cause.... l cheated some days but l was really very careful, if l ate something extra, l double my workout the following day. l feel good and will stop when l reaches my target of 51kgs. will tellyou more about the gym in my next entry, at the meantime wish me luck.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

mother's day surprise

**************************************see these pretty Daisy***********************
It was indeed a surprise. A delivery van stop in front of my house, the first thought that strike my mind was, "must have came to the wrong house", then the delivery lady came out with a bouquet of beautiful red daisy and a cake, l knew then it must be from my daughter because she couldn't make it this year on mother's day as she had 2 mothers to celebrate, her Mother-In-law, and me the Out-law staying way down south, so don't worry my Little Po Beep, "IS THE THOUGHTS THAT COUNT". The flower is really, really beautiful having carnation all the time is kind of bore, Daisy for a change is beautiful and the cake..... just look at the cake delicious isn't it, wonder how long will it take for me to finish it, smell great l think is "cuppocino", will eat it tomorrow and tell u more.