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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Careless Me

I made a trip to Kuala Lumpur for the first time since my daughter wedding 1 year ago. It was a smooth and leisurely drive all the way to my brother's house without any hiccup. I am so happy and pleased with myself. At his house, we chit chatted and had durian for lunch. From there, my daughter led the way to her house. Only been there once and that was on her wedding day and therefore not too sure of the directions much.
After rested and cathing up on the latest gossips for a while, of we went to this lovely vegetarian restaurant for dinner,. The food were absolutely yummy (took some pics with my phone but unfortunately... - you'll know why later). We decided to head down to MidValley for a walk and to look see look see after that. At MidValley, I bought a few stuff; 2 bottles of hair moose, a mug and saw this nice shop selling lovely bags. Since I needed a new one, we went in to check it out. It was really nice & affordable and I ended up with 2 instead.
I left the shop really happy and contented. From there, we went for a drink at a cafe nearby and had ice lemon tea. We decided to head home after that. As we were driving out of the carpark, I couldn't find my phone anywhere. I tried very hard to recall where did I left it. We also made a call to the phone to check if it was accidentally dropped underneath the car seat. The phone did rang, but there weren't any ringings in the car. We quickly made a u-turn back to the shopping center and my daughter rushed up to both the cafe as well as the bags' shop to hopefully able to find my brand new phone of 2 months. Unfortunately, it is gone.
My brand new phone is gone. I couldn't believe it that I am so careless because I am never categorize as one of those people who constantly lose their phones. I am so angry with myself. Imagine the trouble that I have to go through, from terminating the line to getting a new sim card and retrieving all the phone numbers of my family & friends... sigh... I must be getting old.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Half yearly medical check

I remembered the last time I visited my Cardiologist was in January 17, 1 day before mom passing on. So fast it has already been almost 6 months and I am due for my half yearly medical check up with Dr Sharoom once again. This time, I did a full check up complete with ECG, threadmill and a full blood test. After going thru all the hassle, I waited for the test report anxiously. Then I saw Dr Sharoom holding onto my report, grinning from ear to ear. The first thing he said to me was, "How did you do it? What did you ate??". Only later he told me that I passed my test with flying colours. The result were superb... hahaha... Honestly, it made my day. Exercise and eating well is my answer to him. I felt so good after patiently working hard to be healthy all these while. The feedback was really fantastic!
I have 2 of my girlfriends with me this trip, because 1 of them wanted to have her monogram done. We were so pleased with our medical results that we decided to pampered ourselves at the biggest mall in town.
We had so much fun. We ate, we shopped and laughed like crazy. "Thank you girls, l had a great time".
And finally, we left JB for home at about 8pm and reached Kluang at 9.30pm, totally washed out and tired. I had a great time.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Burning Calories

l believe anyone who goes to the gym want to burn fats and lead a healthy lifestyle. l am one of them. Those of you who follow my blog knows that l am a survival of a 4-seizures heart attack. Those days, I was skinny and weight only 50kg. So, who says skinny people don't get heart attack? But, l was a smoker then. I used to smoke about 20 sticks a day. So you see, SMOKING IS NOT GOOD, hee...hee... and l learned it through the hard way.

l have since quit smoking and started to live healthily. Living healthy have its' downside too. And the downside is, l have been putting on weight. From 50kg then, to 57kgs now. To be honest, l have never wore 'L' sizes before. And because of this, I was very stressed. Stressed because don't know what to wear or buy. Am always ending up buying clothes that are too small for me. It was so sad and depressing and am certainly not use to being 57kg. I tried all ways and means, even spending thousand of $$ on nutritious slimming product which only kept me slim for 3 months. Sometimes, ate only fruits and sad to say, the wrong kind and my weight keep going up. That's how I ended up going to a gym.

Though l have to sacrifice a few hours of my sleep by waking up earlier than usual, it is worth it. That's how I got addicted. My first priority was to burn calories and fats. So what l did was, l joined all the classes the gym conducted and made sure l ran on the threadmill for at least 20 minutes and the crosstrainer for 15 minutes everyday.

l burned about 370 calories daily and coupled with my healthy diet, l lost about 3kg in 3 weeks. That's pretty fast and l am very pleased with myself that l am discipline enough to keep to this routine - exercise & diet.
Well, losing weight is not good enough, because it only make me smaller and lighter, what about my waist line and my protruding tummy? There are still a lot of works need to be done. I am working very hard to get those fats around my waist to dissappear. It's really hard work.
***********Have a nice day***************