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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gunung Lambak Recreation Sport Night

This is the first time that I joined the "Gunung Lambak Recreation Sport and Family Night". It was held at the poolside with beautiful decoration.
I felt that this is the real "1Malaysia"(rather than those fake one in the news), with everybody regardless of colour or race get together and enjoy to the fullest, with performances, food, dancing, singing, games, lucky draw and so on.... Look at those happy face. This is our big family every Saturday and Sunday at "Gunung Lambak Eco Resort". The handsome DJ was dancing all night long.
Our 4 pretty volunteer instructor,
giving us free lesson every weekend. My favorite instructor Ani Well...the party ended and the class will be closed 6weeks to celebrate 'Hari Raya"(new year for the Muslim).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trip for Super Maid

Remember a few entries away I mention about my super maid going home for a month and be back again. Well, I brought her to Singapore for a day trip to Sentosa Resort and Vivo City we took some nice photos that I like to share it with you.

Is her first time to Singapore

Nice right? Now she had something to show when she goes back home.

Friday, July 08, 2011

I am back...

It's all about getting old. Lately I found myself tired easy, wanting to sleep early for no reason so I guess it's in the package as we get older. That's the reason why I am blogging lesser, so do bear with me for a while. Anyway because of me getting tired all the time and worried, I visit my cardiologist for a medical check up of blood and stress test. The result to my surprise it's even better then the last....there is not even a red mark and my cholesterol total count is only 3.3.....don't you think I deserve a celebration, Wa..Ha..Ha..
Therefore to pamper myself I joined a Rm10.00 bus tour to visit the 'Sentosa Resort Casino' together with my younger sister for the first time since it was open almost a year ago not to gamble, just to visit and look see look see, overall the landscape it's beautiful with the outstanding "Merlion". The Universal Studio There are 2 casino in Sentosa Island "The Sand Casino" and "Sentosa Resort Casino". Our tour only to Sentosa Resort, somehow it's kind of arrangement between the travel agency and the casino that we only paid Rm10.00, when we are in the casino Sin$30.00 food voucher was given to us, cheap can we resist, hahaha. Honestly speaking I still prefer Genting Highland, it's much much cooler at the outside of the casino, over here it's bloody hot so it's not much fun. As for inside the casino I prefer it over here in Singapore because it lesser people therefore you can walk at your own pace, in Genting Highland Casino it's always crowded and being push around most of the time.
This Magnum Gold ice cream that I promise myself I must try when I go to Singapore, because I can't find it here in Kluang, and I did or rather we did tried it, so damn expensive at Sin$5.50 each. Verdict: Don't try, it's expensive and too sweet I still prefer the Magnum Classic. The 3 of us had much fun taking photos.... This is my "LAKE" hahaha 'Lake Of Dreams'.
And ....OH!! look at these giant 'M N M' chocolate, delicious right, (thinking of Redbabe she love chocolate.) This is my younger sister...These are all lolippo....And Jelly Bean....