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Monday, March 23, 2009

It was hard.....

Looking at the house now it's kind of big, especially when hubby is out of town. l m thinking of moving to my little house at the foot of the mountain, which is rented out at the moment, seriously thinking about it actually. There is also another reason to this, the house that l m staying at the moment belongs to my parent, l moved back since dad past away in 1991, to kind of keep mom companion as well as taking care of her. This property is given to both my brothers, now that...... mom is not here, they might want to sell it anytime so better get myself prepare before l become homeless, hahahaha. Just like the distribution of mom's money.....according to the chinese tradition..nomally the $$$$$ only to be taken after 100days, but....they came asking for (less then 2months) the amount that mom told them which is way before she is sick, quite a bit of $$$$$ was spent during the last 6yrs when she had a mild stroke and especially during this major stroke for the last 6mths as she was in and out of hospital, l m sure you can imagine what is like for me...sigh... when the $$$$$ is concern. It's funny though.... when mom was sick, they have all kind of excuses, like "schooling day, working day, car not good or cannot apply leave" ect...... ect.......but for $$$$$ no trouble applying for leave, children can skip school, no need to worry about car breaking down, see.... what $$$$$ can effect a person, not that they have given alot of money to mom, infact almost nil, for those who came running asking for it, nobody came running asking to take care of mom when she was bed ridden, it is really so heart breaking sad.......

Sunday, March 15, 2009

" Vistors"

The squirrel came into our house and hid between the bathroom windows, stayed there for almost 6hours and left without anyone knowing, hahaha.
Sad to say the lightning came to pay us a visit too, you can see one of the light bulb in our sitting room is hanging down, look at the switch.....,it's burn inside, the worst was.... 2 of our TV and our DVD player is spoil, time is so bad and yet have to spent on repairing the damage, it happened once 8yrs ago and the damage cost 8k. Don't how much is going to cost me this time, the repair man will be here tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

baby sitting

I' m dog- sitting....... 4dogs!!!, other then my Million and Dollar..... Let me introduce Rumba and Sunshine, both of them will be our guests for 2weeks because their Mommy and Daddy is away on holiday. Rumba is a 8yrs old Lhasa Apso and Sunshine a 4yrs old Schnauzer they both belong to my Po Peeps(daughter). Rumba always behave like a big sister--- controls everything around make sure nothing goes wrong and she hates noises, as for Sunshine is a follower to Rumba. Well, so far so good misbehaving. I think they miss Mommy and Daddy because both just wait patiently at the door step and becomes alert whenever there is sound of car comming.
p/s: hi....... I' m Million sneaking in to say a few words, honestly I don't like those 2 visitors, especially Rumba.......she came into our house and boss around, mommy said I must not be rude to our guests, so l just pretend tobe nice. I found out something weird about Rumba today....she is afraid of 'Indian music' hahahaha, when the indian gas delivery man arrived in his lorry he left his radio on with indian music, and Rumba when "kaput" jumping all over and tried to break down the room door trying to get into mommy's room, l could'nt believe it.......she is afraid of indian music, can you all believe it???

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hi everybody!!

Finally I' m back, but not really knowing what to post, I'll start off with "Victoria's Secret", I got this lovely 'Victoria's Secret" perfume range from my 'Po Peep'(daughter), it's so beautiful, few months back she also bought me a set of "Estee Lauder" just as pretty, I simply love these cute cute bottles, l actually like the bottles more than the perfume haha.....