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Friday, September 28, 2007

today 28/09/2007.
Finally........... Hishiko is back in Kluang for a short holiday, so sweet of her to come and visit me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

so.........after the the wedding discussion, to be honest it's such a relief. We left for my brother's house at about 5.30pm, very simple dinner just KFC, fried noodle and fried rice, we were more interested in his new karaok set than food, we were suppose to celebrate the Autumn festival instead we sang and we sang............ he had thousand of songs to select like madarin, english, malay, korean, japanese..........and so on............. it was great.
That's the end of my KL trip........cheers....... till we meet again in KL
Today 23/09/07 is going to be a very very important day for me........ a day to discuss about my only child's wedding. We met up at Subang 'Tai Tong' timsum restaurant. Well this is the first time both parents met each other, since it is the autumn festival l brought along a box of mooncake from a very famous bakery in Kluang. Our appointment was at 1pm, we actually reached the venue at 12.45pm, but.....opps.....we forgot to bring along the mooncake so we went back to collect.I was so afraid to be late for this first meeting, thank god, they couldn't make it in time and was late too !!!!! So we met up! Was introduced to each other did abit of small talk and ate timsum, half way through the meal we started talking about the things that we should do for each other before the wedding ......... chinese wedding biscuits, roast pig, red cloth, dragon and peonix candle, potty, basin, sewing kits and so on................and finally the most important part of the discussion......the dowry, well..........they proposed, (as for me it does not matter how much it is, l just want everybody to be happy and offcos my daughter must be able to blend smoothly into her husband's familly, without complications,) so.........that's it, everything is comfirmed without disagreement and arguement, at the moment we are proceeding with the wedding arrangements,.......... 8 months to go............. At this time l must spend as much time as l can with my daughter ......for she soon will be not only be my daughter but his wife too ! ......... well....... that was my last program of my Kl trip, but...............we had an unexpected entertainment in the evening when we visited my brother, be continue.......hahaha

Saturday, September 22, 2007

We arrived at Ntv 7 at 9pm which was a little early because Hishiko wanted to meet up and chat a little. 10 of us were there, so we saw Hishiko, l must say she is so much prettier from the time l knew her years ago, we chatted and took some photos with her and Monday, deep inside l was excited and also worried about what's the result going to be, because she is already into the Top 4 and is in a very critical stage. The show started exactly at 10.15pm, after the DJ's bla.... bla.... bla......the 5 finalists were asked to go into the colour boxes who ever is in the red lighted box will be going into the dangerous zone, well...l m sad to say Hishiko was in the dangerous zone all the way right from the begining till the end..........she was eliminated(sobs, sobs), it was a surprise and shocked for us and many other supporters, it was a sad, sad ending, to be honest l hated it for ending this way, because...... is not that she is a lousy actress, is because we did not have enough votes or not enough sms, it based 100% on sms.......that is where money comes in, l know some of you won't agreed with me, go watch the 'Star Idol' show on friday 9.30pm, you'll understand what l mean!!!!!!!!! this case the better actress got eliminated ! sad !

Friday, September 21, 2007

l knew it was going to be a busy trip to kl this time, suppose to go to 'sony centre' to check my camera, then to cut my hair, then to ntv 7 to watch Hishiko, then to meet up with Gladys future -in-laws, boy....that's alot of activities, hehe.
We left Kluang on friday at about 11am, reached Kajang at about 2.30pm when straight to my brother's house hopfully can pick up Celvin unfornately he was still in school.
Anyway.... Gladys called us to meet up at 'Beaufine' (where Gladys currentlly working partime) when we reached the factory...........l felt like a VIP, the executives were all standing infront of the main entrance to welcome us, hahaha, l was surprised indeed, was because we were late, they were leaving and Gladys was waiting for us, hahaha. Well, we had an appointment at 4pm to do our hair, it was kind of rush....lucky l bought a roast duck, my favourite when l m in KL, had a few bites then went straight to the hair saloon, ended up Gladys having a new hair cut and l went shopping. She did a very cute and lovely new hairdo.
Went home picked up everybody for dinner, suppose to head for 'sony centre'after dinner and have my camera checked, but we didn't have enough time because we wanted to watch Hishiko on TV, afterthat chatted with Gladys till about 2.30am. That's Friday.
Saturday...... for today nothing much except we have an appointment for massage at 4pm, (Gladys belanja). We went to Subang Parade for lunch, a restaurant name "Aquire Restaurant"(not sure)the food was nice we finished most of it, the price is quite reasonable too,after lunch we went window shopping for a while then home sweet home and to the massage. The massage was good and relexing the masseur was nice too, will do it again the next time l visit KL hahaha, just wonder is there any addiction?
It's going to be a long night for us today because we are going to support Hishiko live in NTV7 for the 'Star Idol' be continue.........

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

l have a new colour n highlighted my hair, this shop having a promotion of Rm98nett, regardless of long or short hair for colour and highlight. l hav my hair done n temporary straighten with a slight trim. l think is nice, any comment?

Friday, September 14, 2007

This is my new camera that l bought from Canada on 06/06/07 during my holiday trip there, a 'sony cyber shot', the battery won't charge(only three months old) , called 'sony malaysia' they said no warranty because l bought from Canada, when l bought it in Canada they told me it has international warranty, how??. .....I've been con ! ...........ouch !

Saturday, September 08, 2007

It was such an exciting moment for me and other supporters in front of the tv watching the 'Star Idol Malaysia'....with elimination from top 5 to top 4. After a few rounds of going into the lighted box, HISHIKO made it into the TOP 4,........ l can hear loud applause from all those supporters who were watching at my time round l'll take some exciting photos of HISHIKO's Kluang supporters........and name it Kluang's Fan Club !............. hahaha.
And l like to take this oppuntunity to say 'THANK YOU' to all my friends for puting in an effort to vote for HISHIKO, she called me immediatly after the show to tell me that she had the highest vote last week .... 70% of it, and she wanted me to specially thank all my friends for supporting her..........she really apperciates it.
Hishiko will be on NTV7 again on the 21/9/07 9.30pm, for the Final Top 3, hopefully we all will give her the highest vote again, hahaha.
sms to 36877

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Both are my very good friends, it's the birthday of the one on the left, pretty isn't she? (the one in black Hishiko's mom)>>>>>>>>>>>>>lovely cake provided by the restaurant, it was simple birthday lunch gathering for 3 of us, we really had a good time..... the food..... and place is nice too, we had something real different, 'Baked Pumpkin>>> have you all tried that dish?, it's really nice, 'Grilled White Tuna and Salmon, Fresh Salad and Cheesy Potatoe' too much food for 3 person. Let me introduce something about the "RITCH" RESTAURANT", it sound as though only cater for the rich(Ritch) and famous people haha........for me.... l perfer "888". The price is reasonable though. A 1 shop lot, with very cozy set up, boss lady young and pretty l must say she is very very nice. Anyway we had a good time, l'll rate the place as ****hihi.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Malaysia 1st 'STAR IDOL', and than 'HISHIKO', well......she is my very good friend's......... one and only child, watched her grow into a very pretty and talented young lady..... and............ that is where all my good friends get involved(pei sei, pei sei) hahaha. She is borned and bred in Kluang, this is one of the reasons that l m helping, because in Kluang most of the people watch Singapore TV channels and that includes me, so the 'STAR IDOL MALAYSIA' is actually not known by many, Whenever l tell them about 'star idol' l'll get this common reaction 'oh the Singapore star idol kar'........ see..... so l have to go on and explain about 'NTV 7', with this kind of situation, for Hishiko to win the star idol is near zero, because.......this contest is based on a 100% sms, if any of you have seen her acting in NTV 7 every friday at 9.30pm as 'Ai Mei Li' l m very sure you'll think the same way as me "she deserves the title", that's why Hishiko need your full support, each and every single sms helps to make her dreams and talent come true