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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It was New Year's Eve, a night that l was not really in a celebration mood, because mom is still not in a good state of health. So we took a drive around town and for the first time in this town we had a stage erected for the countdown.A stage with preformances to attract a huge crowd, well since parking was available and free for me, why not, so we joined the crowd, it was fun, young hip-hop dancers were performing, not so much of the singing because it's all in Chinese, but the crowd made the atmosphere superb, it's just like everybody knows everybody, shouting of 'happy new year' wishes were heard everywhere(that's in English). When the count down started every body was shouting and screaming from '0' to '1', and suddendly a display of fireworks appeared on stage. Red chinese lanterns were lighted up for the coming Chinese New Year ! it was so beautiful. I was lucky to have my camera in my handbag so l snap some nice "memories" to share with everyone ! Happy New Year 2009 to everyone !!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Like l said in the last entry, nothing has change just that maid is getting on well, and it's a little easier now, there are some time to spare, so..... l have been going to the gym, "Perfect U" for destress or keeping fit or for whatever reason, l just simply enjoy it and addicted to it, l go almost everyday, as long as there is a class, it's really fun with all woman and aunties, to gossip while doing the threadmill, or exchanging cooking experiences, some even try to sell Tshirt,it was fun, look at this 2 sexy woman having fun.......we even exchange christmas present on christmas eve, l took some pictures but....., l m a lousy photographer...haiz...... anyway.....well......l'll show it eventhough it's a bit blur like the photographer, have fun.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

em>At last my birthday present from my daughter has arrived. As I was turning the corner to my house I saw a delivery van leaving my house, it did occcur to me then that my surprise has arrived, while l was parking my car the same delivery van came back, stopped in front of my house and deliver the package to me, actually he was about to leave because I was not at home. So anxiously I opened it..............a 'book... a scrap book' with 30yrs of my life with my daughter, happenings and trips that we did together, how lovely it is!!I have to blog it, its "memories of my life" Thankyou so much my "Little Bo Beeps" so nice of you and I'm feeling so proud and sentimental, and shedding tears of joy!!! Love you lots and lots !!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's almost 4mths since mom first got sick, things has been down hill till today, almost everyday a new "shocking" problem will pop up, "a new bed sore, sweating tremedously, breathing heavily in the middle of the night, cramps and stiffness", l must say it's really stressful and sometimes not easy to handle, because, I notice if we move her she'll get nerous and her body becomes stiff, that makes it difficult for us to handle. And inorder to take bath for her once a week, the "best" l can manage is to wipe her everyday, it's sad to say that's not the worse, the worse was when 'my super maid' just took off without saying goodbye' it almost gave me a heartattack when l came home from work, found her missing and mom was alone at home, can you imagine how is it like to be in such a situation? It's unbelieveable that such a capable and good maid can put me into such a situation that almost killed me, thank goodness l have a replacement the very next day, the new maid is 'teacherable' hopfully she is a super maid too!.*************************** This year l had a very,very quiet birthday which fell on the 14/12, hubby bought me a small cake and my favourite 'cheeze potatoe' from KFC, it's was nice ! I like to say to all the 'sms' birthday wishes from friends and relatives, "Thankyou for remembering my birthday" but...... l still have not received the surprise birthday present that my daughter send me, wonder which postal service and when it will arrive? haha.....l love surprises.