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Monday, June 16, 2008

In the early morning of the day 30/5/08 our little apartment was filled with laughter, chattering with noises of happiness from stay over good friends, relatives, photographer, make-up artis.Then there was the cake delivery, setting up tables of food and drinks, chairs , fan and so on.
Although l was busy, my heart had this mix feeling......kind of reluctant to let my daughter go and at the same time feeling happy for her to have found herself a wonderful husband, as the time drew nearer to putting on her veil(is a tradition for the parent to put on the veil for the bride)my heart beat faster, and suddently I heard the make-up artis calling out for me, and...... l headed for the kitchen and start crying, l don't even know is it tears of joy or tears of reluctance....anyway... l managed to stop and hold my tears till l put on her veil gave her a hug, didn't want to spoil her make-up.
The groom came with a group of his friends, "WHY, a group of his friends?" some may ask, well.... to give him a helping hand incase the bride's girlfriends gave him a hard time in trying to get into the apartment.........
After he came in and took the hand of the bride the programme was followed by praying and "thankyou" for a good marriage...........followed by the tea ceremony, the groom and the bride will serve tea for the seniors relatives and the younger cousins will serve tea to the groom and bride, gifts of blessing are given to the new couple. Next................on the way to the groom's house.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It is a tradition for the bride and the groom to have "a hair combing ceremony" on the eve of their wedding day in their own respective parent's home at the same time, normally hair combing ceremony is done by the respective parent.
Before the ceremony starts, preparations have to be made with "well wishes" stuff as shown in the photo, "Tang Yuen" plays a very important role in the ceremony, to be swallowed whole without bitting, is a believe that the newly weds will stick together forever just like the Tang Yuen sticking together in the stomach.
l did the hair combing ceremony for my daughter, 3 well wishes must be said as l comb, after combing the bride will swallow the Tang Yuen, angpow is given to the bride for a happy marriage and the hair combing ceremony is done.