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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

First day home, cute? Dollar sleeping on top of me My name is "Million" l'm a sweet female Australian Silky Terrier,

l have a Miniature Pincher sister who is 1 week younger than me name "Dollar". Want to know why my mummy n daddy call us "Million Dollar"?

Well, both of us bring them "Million Dollar"worth of happiness.

Mummy love me more she always make me look my best, protect me when Dollar bullies me, and daddy will protect Dollar when l sometime bullies her, daddy will pamper her just the way mummy pamper me.

Daddy n Mummy said is very expensive to upkeep us so we are to learn some tricks to gain popurlarity, like "shake hand, sit, down, bang "ect.....some tricks are harder to learn like "kongxi, kongxi" it took me 1 month to master it(Dollar still don't know heehee).

Daddy n Mummy said in order to improve our maners we need to socialise with other doggie friends, we have been to a number of doggies gathering and l must said is really fun for us, this is a few friends that l have met, this is Pacco my frist friend>>>the black teddy bear haha, and this two is Sunshine and rumba my best friends

Oh yes!, not forgeting that we're the member of "silkynfrendclub" mummy n daddy said it will be more funs n activity for us if we join the club, this is the