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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The wedding is getting near so......... all the final preparations like cake and card distributing, gift exchanging,and most of all to make myself beautiful.....haha. So "Kor Tai Lei" was on the 10/5/08, for those who are not sure what it is, 'Kor Tai Lei' is the exchanging gifts between the bride and groom, and both the respective "in-laws"......... it was beautiful and colourful, let me show you some of the pictures: Gifts from the bride and her mother......
Gifts from the groom and his parents:
And finally the happiness !
the "Si Ping" was very pretty and tasty.
For those who are not sure what 'si ping' is, it's the wedding biscuit given by the groom for the bride to give to her friends and relatives to inform them that she is getting married.
We have fun looking and admiring those beautiful wrapping and the biscuit it the talk of the ceremony, "Pretty and Tasty".