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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The past 1 wk l have been very stressful and worried, it all started when my mom told me that her left leg is kind of weak. She had a mild stroke that affected her right side about 6yrs ago. It is therefore nothing unusual for her left side to feel weak, further more she is 77yrs old,and as she gets older it becomes worse, it will never get better due to lack of exercise, even though l have been telling her to do so years ago !
So, recently I bought her a walking stick, but.......she is shy, refuses to use it and so she fell. Nothing serious just bruises on her knee. Well,.........what's next???.........I took her to the doctor to make sure there are no broken bones and at the same time have a full medical check up to see exactly what is wrong with her that have weaken her leg. Guess what the medical report said: liver no problem, kidney good, b/pressure perfect, sugar beautiful(she is a diebitic), cholestrol ok........see she has healthy genes in her(hope she passed it on to me), the only thing wrong with her is lack of excercise, (which she simply refuses to do,) that's what doctor cases like my mom the "Orthopaedic" doctor advised us to get her a physiu cycle so that she can atleast exercise her legs and arms at home and at the same time give her pharmaton and ginsen powder (hopefully it help)......not only am I stressed over her sickness, I' m also stretched over my poor wallet!!!!!!!!!!
Since my mom's had that mild stroke six years ago, our house is like a mini physiotherapy studio^_^, an OTO foot massager, a threadmill which she don't want to use, and now a physio cycle, on top of those, we have a wheel chair and now a walker.
Looking at my mom, l start to imagine what would all of us be like when we are at her age.........

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When l was in school, this remark was in my report card, always the same... from primary till secondary "talkative and playful in class". This is my basic characteristic even till today, l talk alot especially with people who are close to me, and this made me a "not so nice person" in the eyes of certain groups.
l do remind myself to say what l should and should not, but...most of the time l get carried away, l'll say anything under the sun, not realising that some topics are not meant for gossiping.
"What the hell, just be yourself nobody is perfect" sometime l say to myself, but sad to say..... life don't work that way, life never works the way we want it to work.
"You are full of emotions"
once said to me by a german lady that l met for the first time. l kind of agree with her , because l do keep things to myself and try to solve my own problems. l cry easy , to me......... l rather it this way, to cry alone than get the whole world to cry with you.
Why am l saying all these? ................... it must be the gloomy weather, or is it because my hubby cut my Million's hair without my permission and l m real angry..........

Monday, July 14, 2008

It was a trip to Kuala Lumpur for my cousin's grand daughter full moon celebration, see how happy she is being a new granny

And Million got to meet up with one of her friend Rocky from

Rocky is a very friendly dog, is just that, Million is shy and a scardy cat, but she had fun sitting on my lap admiring Rocky........