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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Panic Monday Morning

Like any other day, as usual, I woke up at 8am and headed for the gym to join their 9am workout class. Just half an hour into the workout routine, my phone rang. It was from my youngest sister. She told me that a brother of our's, who is residing in JB, had a bad accident. It was a hit & run case and he was seriously injured with a broken collar bone and 3 of his ribs. It was such a shocking news for me because we have already lost a nephew and a brother with his wife in two separate car accidents over the years. And now, again? This piece of news brought tears to my eyes. I took a drive down to JB to visit him and see how serious he is and thank god it is not life threatening. After an operation to put in some metal plates and screws, he is ok. And the doctor said he should be able to work in 6 weeks' time.
To be honest, even though he has not been very good to me, at times, even scolded me with very harsh words or accused me of unpleasant things, he is still my brother and I can't choose my siblings. I just did what my heart tells me to. Some who knows me might not understand this, just that I don't want to regret in time to come. At least I felt good and did my part as a sister.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Herbal Hair Colour Experience - Henna

Have been hearing a lot of goodness of 'Henna', a natural herbal hair colour. And since my hair is due for colouring, I made an appointment at this Indian hair saloon called 'Shanthi' to give it a try. Shanthi is a small saloon with only 2 staff. The treatment started off with an oil massage on my scalp which is suppose to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.
The massage oil smell like coconut oil mixed with something else, which I don't really know what it was. They refused to disclose their secret ingredient. Apparently, it is not for sale too. It is for their saloon use only. It smelled really nice...
After the scalp treatment with their secret ingredient massage oil, they applied this horrible looking stuff call 'Henna', in paste form, on to my hair. When they finished applying, my head resembled a mud ball.
The mud ball of a head of mine was later steamed for 45 minutes. After that, it was left for another half an hour in room temperature to cool before it was washed.
Even washing off the 'henna' takes quite a while. They first wash out the 'henna paste' with warm water. After that, my hair was shampoo-ed twice, followed by conditioning. After they are satisfied that my hair is really clean, it was then blow dried.
This is me. Overall it is nice. But the colour kind of a little too light on the root. According to the hairstylist, that's my greys (how sad). But then again, it is because of my grey that I needed the colouring right? She said I need to do at least 4 times before the hair colour balanced out. Meaning, need to spend RM200 to get the colour right (RM50 per session) and not forgetting each session will take up at least 4 hours. Dont you think it is a little tiring?

While I was at Shanti's, I found out that they also offered eyebrow threading service. I was so amused by it because the last time I've seen people doing it was way way back during my childhood when I was only 12 years old. Can you imagine how surprised it was for me to actually see them doing it now.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I received a phone call from Tenny(a close friend) this morning saying that, the airfare to Cambodia is very cheap and she had booked "go holiday package" for herself and St. Chaire(another good friend) asking me to join them, well, since is so cheap why not, hehehe, I worked hard and I play hard. Lately I have been busy with my normal routine, gym, marketing, met up with friends for breakfast and so on. Somehow time seem to be faster than before, or is it because I am getting old and my rhythm is slower, or maybe I have been trying to catch afternoon nap to rejuvenate, therefore I slept away the time, ya...maybe ^_^. Also business had been busy too, that mean more work so less entries over here, hahahaha...... Anyway, will try to updated more often.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Islands Hopping on Day 2

Started off day 2 with a wonderful breakfast overlooking the mesmerising sea. Woke up very early because we are meeting up at 9:30am for islands hopping.
After breakfast, I packed some personal stuff, got my life jacket and snorkeling set and off we go, out to the sea.
The condition of the sea was quite choppy for the first 2 hours. I was experiencing sea sickness. Felt lousy and almost puke. We hopped around 4 islands. 3 of it was for snorkelling and 1 just for sightseeing only. The sightseeing one belongs to the "Berjaya Group". It was a very beautiful (and expensive) resort complete with a golf course too. Apparently, from what I was told, they have rooms costing as expensive as RM5000.00 a night (for the rich & famous).
For the other 3 islands that we went for snorkelling, I must say, as compared, the reefs & fishes here were just as beautiful as those in "The Great Barrier Reefs" of Australia. Colourful coral fishes of every sizes were everywhere in Pulau Tioman and they are so used to human beings. As long as you are holding loaf of breads, they will come to you. We even spotted a big jelly fish!
Unfortunately, my camera cant go underwater... sigh! Only found out much later that they actually sell those 'use & throw' underwater camera in the resort. Otherwise, will surely get one to show you how beautiful Tioman's underwater world is! Anyway, other than snorkelling, we also visited the national fishery information centre.
I tell you... it is not worth visiting this Fishery Infomation thingy. The water quality is terrible, all murky. And the fishes shown there were all just grey in colour. Boring. Not one colourful coral fish at all. Rather disappointing. Fortunately for us, we had a picnic there with our pre-packed lunch. The fun from the lunch alone is enough to overshadow the disappointment earlier. At least some consolation! Oh yes, after the first snorkelling session, I totally forgotten about my sea sickness and also began clicking away at my camera.
Exploring Pulau Paya is what we did when we finally got back from the islands hopping excursion. Here are some of the photos taken:
Nice picture right? I think they surely are...