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Sunday, March 30, 2008

want to share this funny video from youtube

Sunday, March 23, 2008

l have been real busy lately because my previous maid left as her contract was over and the "new" one just arrived, that means...... l need to teach this "new" one all over again! sometime"s my blood pressure shoots up real high(you know what l mean?), having to repeat over and over again what l taught............ especially how vegetable should be cut, so instead, l took photos and had it printed on A4 using 'microsoft' and laminated them, to my suprise it is so much easier, l just tell her to go see the picture......hahaha......should have done it this way long time ago, this is some of my "brain wave".....hahaha......What you think????????

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A new chapter of our family life with a new member added !..................... l like to share you these wonderful moments which l captured during the Civil Ceremony (ROM) of Harrison and Gladys
the wedding FAVOURS.........
the Wedding Rings

signing off

...OFFICE members.....
Well..........preparation of the traditional wedding starts now!..........better photo on the way.....

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mommy is going to hijack our blog for a exchange we get special and yummy treats....... ************************************************************************************* Well time flies and is already March of 2008, and my daughter's civil ceremony(ROM) is only days away, wedding day is only 2 months away, I still remember 1yr ago they were busy selecting the best date, the hotel for dinner, the gowns and so on etc,etc.........and now the wedding day is almost here, boy...I' m excited.
30yrs ago Gladys was just a tiny 7lbs.3ozs baby and now she is getting married......the memories of her when she was young is as fresh as much she have grown, still remember that incident .........when she was 2yrs old, l dressed her up so beautifully for an outing, only realise when we were in a taxi that she had no panties on(hahahaha) what a mom I am !!(shy shy).
And all those mother's day and birthday cards she gave me is still tug in a corner of my cupboard which l'll bring it out every now and then just to look at those beautiful and innocent written words. This one is my favorite
Our first overseas holiday together was to "Lake Toba" in 1992 she was only 15yrs old then first time she was on a plane! We still laugh over an incident that Lester did when we were in Brastigi, I had a bad headache so l asked Lester to go buy some "pain killers" for me, well......he came back with durian instead of Panadol......l was so angry that my headache just quite vanished because of my anger, man man that's man......
The second trip was to Perth 1995, it was a frightenning experience for us because Gladys had chicken box just 1 day before we left for Perth but had no choice l had to bring her!! she was having high fever on board the plane, thank god that her chicken box was all over her body, mouth and throat except her face!!!!!!!!!!!!........she had to wear long sleeves , for the whole trip with the temperture at 40degree, she could only eat friuts and drink juice because her throat was so bad that she could not swallow solid food, but.........we really enjoyed and had great of all nobody in the group knew she had chicken box, can't imagine how many of them will get chicken box when they get back home !
Well we went to Hong Kong and China in 2002, not a very nice trip for Gladys because she complained that she was grandma's private nurse, kind of rush too, those cheap package tour we bought from "Malta fair", but we did have fun because was a familly tour.
The Star Cruise
we went in the year 2005 was great, we did alot of activities together like 'coconut bowling, karaok contest which l came in 1st(haha can't believe it) and joined in the card fortune reading, so funny really had such good laugh........
We made countless local trips which we really enjoyed...........anywhere we go with her it's always full of joy and laughter!!
These are so......... so much beautiful memories..........
Well, life have not been a bed of roses for me in the last 30yrs.......... it's because of her that life have to go on, watching her grow it's so memorable, from baby, to kindergarden, to primary and secondary than to colege than working days, and now wedding day, can't imagine......... like a friend always said "in a blink of the eye" time really flies.