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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Home

Yes, that my 'Koi' name 'Fishy' which I relocate it to a new home yesterday, being just the only fish left in my tank, it's kind of lonely, so I decided to give it a new home in one of the pond with many 'Koi' in it therefore it won't be lonely, and also I can visit whenever I like hopefully Fishy will lift up it's head and said hello.......lols...
This Fishy's new home, nice right? This place is kind of tourist spot in Kluang, so Fishy will be meeting alot of people pretty soon, hahaha.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday 2010

I thought I just celebrated my last birthday not long ago, and just a blink of the eye it's my birthday again.....erm.....really getting old real fast, I will be on my way to my 60 pretty!!!!! hahaha....
Didn't did much this birthday, apart from all those lovely wishes from friends and love one in facebook, sms, email and so on, was invited to St. Chaire's house for lunch and had a great time, like I always said it's the company, no matter where or what, the right peoples counts alot. St Chaire order some very nice food delivered to her house, and a birthday cake, because she had a 3weeks old baby girl that hang on her boobs all the time hahaha, so we decided to had the birthday lunch at her place instead, simple, nice and comfy.
Some of you might remember the present that Tenny gave me on my last birthday a ring with yellow precious stone from Cambodia, during my trip back to Cambodia in September 2010, my daughter bought a pair of ear ring as my birthday present to match the ring, hehehe pretty right? Well, Chaire's children personally wrote me some birthday card and a box of yummy chocolate, from St.Chaire a hand made lovely semi precious stone to wear around my neck, Tenny got me some hair tonic, she think my hair is getting thinner, hahaha... well, there will be another belated birthday celebration for me in a few days, talking about marathon birthday celebration.....hmmm....thought I read that somewhere....
Thank you so much for a memorable birthday xoxoxo.........

Monday, December 06, 2010

Another Rainbow Surprise

It was a happy ending with the beautiful Rainbow as part of the us. We decided to have a brothers sisters meet up this weekend. My Kuala Lumpur brother, and Singapore sister came back to Kluang first before, we all headed to Johor Baru to visit our youngest brother the next day. Finally we all arrived Johor Baru and while in my brother Andy's house we were there chatting happily my brother Chai hinted that they had a birthday cake to celebrate an advance birthday for me, really didn't expect them to remember, it must be May's(sister in law) job, and it is the first time that all my other sibling celebrated my birthday with me, thank to Felicia for buying the cake too.
We all left for the seafood at about 4pm, it's a bit early for dinner but to beat the crowd and get a good table. The restaurant was quite far, at the beach inside a native village. There is many kind of seashell and fishes in the tank for sale. I saw some children earning some extra cash by bringing in pail of shell and sell it to the restaurant. The environment is very pleasant, the air was good, nice I like.... hahaha the food was not bad. we order quite a few dishes, 2 different kind of crab, prawns, shell, fish, vegetable, squid and so on...and they have got this special crab cracker to make it easier to break the shell. I wouldn't said it's very good just normal standard, but we had alot of fun cracking joke while eating, and enjoying the food . Actually our grand nieces and nephews had more fun exploring the shell.
Birthday song was sang and cake cutting and more photo shooting, after all these we decided to leave because some have to go back to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Kluang. While walking towards the car park I wanted to take a group picture,have more laughter there. we were saying goodbye to each other......we saw the Rainbow appearing, it's getting clearer and clearer, and then a double Rainbow. I tell you was the best Rainbow that I have seen so far.....big, clear and unique, I love rainbow, I always felt good when I see a Rainbow, like l said before it always appear at the right time, and this time....on my birthday celebration, how you like that.... can you imagine what my feeling was.....I really cannot express the surprise feeling, it was like "WOW" the Rainbow came to wish me "Happy Birthday" how you like that....hahaha, all my other sibling was just as excited as me when the rainbow appear because it was a beautiful...........
So we all left the native village, brother and family when back to Kuala Lumpur, I and my younger sister took a drive to send my elder sister and her daughter back to Singapore.
Actually I had reason to go to Singapore this get a Xmas present for someone very special and dear to me, for this I'll get that very special someone to tell you about it.....hahaha, a surprise to that very special someone..... too.