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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lifetime Warranty

I mentioned once in one of my entry that my glucose reader was malfunctioned or spoilt remember? Well, I send it in for repair through a pharmacy that I patronise very often one month ago and totally forgotten about it because l thought it was beyond repair. Furthermore it was bought 6 years ago. Whatever warranty that come with it should be long expired. I just send it back to the manufacturer hoping that they can repair it and I'll pay for the repair. Today... when I was at the pharmacy, to my surprise the manufacturer actually replaced my 6 years old machine with a totally brand new set...
The latest model somemore. I was indeed surprised and asked the boss of the pharmacy... "Oh..! It is life warranty one arr". So, for those of you who plan to buy a glucose reader, go get a "ACCU-CHEK Advantage". And for those who still own one that is spoiled, go to the nearest pharmacy to have it replaced with a new one.
Just as I was getting all happy & glad with the newly replaced glucose reader, there goes the pair of spotlight at my shop. Both the light is gone after a 'pop' sound. For this, I have no other choice but to have it changed at my own expense. No lifetime warranty... I replaced it with a more economical
ones because spot lights are expensive plus it get spoil easily. I bought a pair of 16 watts night light energy saving bulbs which have the brightness of an 80 watts bulb. Was very pleased with the outcome and I like the its' brightness.
After finished admiring my new lightings, I went over to the TV to switch it on. Oppst... only sound no picture. It is strange how so many unfortunate things can happen in one day. I was too happy too soon (the glucose machine). Other than the pair of 'popped' spotlight, there goes my tv too.
Literally one after another. As you all know, the exact same thing happened sometimes ago at home too. Another big hole in my wallet. So how? I had it replaced with a new LCD tv lor... I wonder when will the almighty up there will start smiling down on me instead playing tricks at me? Sigh...
As I was trying to upload some picture for this entry, suddenly smoke start coming out from the back of the monitor and I could smell a strong burning scent. Can you imagine how panic I was? I quickly turned off the power, and bid my monitor farewell... :(
How bad can it be? Not only I can smell smoke from behind my monitor, I can even smell smoke right from my wallet. Luckily I sent the old tv for repair and it only cost me RM70.00. I planned to use that old tv in my room (the one in my room was striked by lighting too, remember?), and the new LCD tv in my shop. But now because my monitor is spoil, I used the new LCD for my computer instead.
I really can't express how pathetic all these is making me feeling. "Just wonder when will it end". Oopst! sound familar isn't it? I said exactly the same thing when my tv was striked by lightning sometimes ago...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Open Day

On the 6/7/09 till the 12/7/09 was the orientation week for the gym that I have been going to all these while, to attract more members. There are so many activities going on like selling of health food...
cooking classes and marathon of exercise classes starting from 8am.
I did not missed any of the food that they are selling (healthy mah...). They also have gym wear,
dumb bell and many other equipment,
sneakers as well
and so on....
It was a huge success as I saw many new members having fun in the classes the gym conducted and it was packed to the brim. On the last day of the orientation week which falls on the 12/7, they conducted a 6 hours marathon aerobic. Sorry I didn't managed to snap any photo of that because I was too tired to wake up in time after the whole week of fun filled activities!


For the past whole week, everywhere I turned there are news flashing all over covering the demised of Michael Jackson. On tv, newspapers, internet... everywhere in fact. Deep inside, a little part of me felt so sad to coming to term with the fact that MJ is actually gone.
Like Elvis,
Bruce Lee,
and Teresa Teng,
all died at a very young age. Sometime I wonder... why are all these people unable to live a life the way normal people do. Imagine the life that they are going through, for example if MJ wants to go shopping the store have to be close to the public in order for him to shop peacefully, how sad.
I was following the special tribute, "Michael Jackson Memorial", aired over tv on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Somehow or rather I can't control myself from crying. I cried because l felt that he was a very lonely person with so much restriction in life and everything he does, he cannot show his love freely, cannot dine freely and he cannot just walk into a club to catch a beer or two anytime he wanted. How sad can this kind of life be? Maybe this is kind of a relief for him cause he is as free as a bird now, but then again... the world will be missing him and that include me too...

Friday, July 03, 2009

I am Home!

It is like I travelled in a space shuttle, so fast one week already since I first arrived in KL and I am back home again. The past whole week while I was in KL, it was fun and adventurous. Fun because we went shopping, eating, singing, visiting, meeting the new tenant & repairing the apartment. Adventurous because I drove around on my own. It was a great trip, especially for mother and daughter bonding, hahaha is this how they said it, spending qualities time together? Will be doing this more often in the near future.^_^
I left KL this morning at about 10.30am and arrived back in Kluang at 1.15pm safe and sound. It was a smooth drive all the way. I didn't even stop to pee because Million Dollar was sleeping so soundly. If I stop, I might wake them.
Sad to said this trip I didn't take much pics because I kept forgetting to put the camera into my hangbag. But, not to worry redbabe took some nice shot maybe she'll put in her blog.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Catching up the good old time

Since I arrived here last Saturday, l have been having a great time with my (Redbabe) doing many silly things which include repairing the toilet flushing system and many others. Since I have some time on my own today (cause it is a working day for my daughter), I visited my cousin who stays in Sg. Long. I drove all the way there on my own and I am so pleased with myself because this is the first time l drove around KL all by myself.
Met up with my cousin, Theresa, and had a nice yummy simple lunch in her house. After that, we went out to do a little shopping at Leisure Mall. We really had a great time sharing stories about the good old days.
Later that evening, I had dinner with my brother and his family. It was nice and and heart warming to have everybody sitting down chatting and laughing together. Getting together once in a while with family and cousins gave me such a nice feeling. Now that I know my way around, I might be coming to KL more often... hahaha... have a nice day.....!