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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From Socks to Blankets......

After the "Socks For Japan" I am into "1 Blanket 4 Japan" by 'Rotary Club'. A friend email me to tell me about it and she want me to join her and I did, (a good course mah) because there are still some friends that I had not enough time to contact the last time, so I join in the 'Blanket", this time 80pieces of adult and children blanket from my side, overall we collected 280pieces of blanket the rest was from Khim.
As for Khim she really did a very good job, not only she pass the words around and collected the 200pieces she also got a friends who had some boxes and pack it, thumps up Khim if you are reading this..
I only pass the words around, collect $$ and buy the blankets on behalf of those who had no time to buy,and print some care note with Khim writing the donor's name on it.
Most of the photo above was from Khim, I only took a few before I pass it over to her.
I just simply love the print of the blanket, nice right.......but...only 60pieces left.
It always felt extra nice to give a helping hand to people who needed help.....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Socks For Japan

It all started over at Redbabe Cozy Corner's Socks for Japan Drive' and the rest are history. Initially, it was just that I remembered having some brand new socks stacked away in my room which I can have them courier over to Redbabe. Then I remembered a friend mentioned sometime ago that she had a bag of new socks that she wanted to give away. Called her immediately but upon checking, the big bag of socks were no longer there. Instead, she said she going to buy 10 dozens for the Japanese instead! How wonderful! And that, gave me the idea of going around asking if anyone interested to join in. To my surprise, within just 2 days, I collected 30 dozens!!
In a small town like Kluang, I believed when the disaster striked Japan, many people wanted to help but they don't know how to. So it was not really such a tough job for me. They were just too happy that I started the ball rolling. Honestly, I am so glad that I have been given the opportunity to do my bit for the victim of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Now that I have collected a total of 30 dozens + 5 dozens (Redbabe's), I decided to deliver them all personally to Redbabe and 3bittersweetlemon. Before we actually mail it to Japan, we are suppose to put a little sweet note in Japanese on each pair of sock, and Redbabe had it google translate into Japanese. We have to unpack each pack of the 420 pairs of socks, stick on the message sticker and repack them up again. No doubt that 420 pair sounds like a lot of work but we actually enjoyed the whole process and the house was turn into a temporally mini socks factory. Check out the big pile of socks. Coincidentally the label on the socks' packaging have the logo of our Twin Tower, how nice...... Many someone out there will have their feet warm and cozy soon because of all these warm hearted people out here who had chipped one way or another. I would like to specially THANKS friends and so many of you from the hawker center behind Coronation, for making this possible. Go on give yourself a big pat on the back for a good job done! :) THANK YOU
For those who want to send 'socks for Japan' here is the link:
Socks For Japan-Facebook

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What I was told....

Million have been really quiet and wasn't her usual self since she came home 16 days ago. Must be traumatized. She slept very soundly on the first night. But on the 2nd & 3rd nights, she cried in her sleep few times a night. Must be having nightmares. From what I gathered thru the kidnapper's mother, Million was kept at the back of the house, on the five foot way behind the kitchen which is an open space with fence. As for Million this is the first time in her entire 7 years of life that she have to sleep outside for 17 days, with insects and rats running all over.
In order to sleep peacefully, she have to protect herself from the rats by catching and killing them before they bite her. The kidnapper's mother even told us that Million is a very good rat catcher, how sad.
Another new thing about Million since she came back, a sneeze will sent her running for cover. This is very very unusual as it never happens before. I believed, it must be linked to something that frightens her. Probably the sound of hitting a table with a cane to made a loud noise to kept her quiet and stop her barking, maybe that's the reason why she rarely bark since she came home. Not even when she sees a cat or dog. Extreme unusual.
Also, she is all alert whenever she hears the clinking of keys. Something new to me too .I guess the clinking could means feeding time since she was being kept at the back of the house and it requires keys to open the gate. Not only that, she now takes her time to eat unlike last time where she would gobbles down her food. Probably her food was left there for the rest of the day and she eats whenever she feels like it.
Now, after being back at home for 16 days, she is almost back to her usual self. Beginning to bark at cats and dogs and mailman, oh yes, even the mailman, hahaha... She started to play and eats normally, jumping when I came home too. I am really glad and happy and thankful for having my Million back home once again. I still think it's a MIRACLE.....!
Sometime I wonder what's in her mind? Redbabe came back with hubby and a friend to visit over the weekend and of course to see Million too. To our surprise, Million was so glad and happy to see them. This is somewhat mistifying. In the past, Million always feels intimidated by Redbabe especially when Rumba & Sunshine is back too and she would just stick to me and not go anywhere near Redbabe. But this time round, when she saw her, she just jumped all over around her as if they were old buddies like that. How surprising. We just stared at each other with our jaws dropped.
I just wonder what's going on in Million's head when she was being kidnapped? Was she thinking that she would never be able to see us all ever again? And now, she is finally home , she is so glad to be with us and see Redbabe again? This is a big QUESTION MARK we all have.