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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Days in Hatyai

I was in Thailand from the 9/11-13/11, nope no flood in Hatyai, flood only in Bangkok.
It was a 5days tour by bus starting on the 9/11 at 10.30pm stopping on the way and reached Hatyai about 1230pm. Our group consist of 21 person majorities woman with 4couple, important part was we knew each other had been to other trips together so... it was really fun.
Nothing to do on the first day only scouting around looking at things that we want to buy and check out the prices. As for me I don't intend to buy much, don't want to spend $$. My intention was to look for good massage and look see, look see, but still.....I must said in Hatyai it's really too tempting, 'shopping paradise'.
Our tour started the next day to the floating market letting out floating lantern for good blessing. It was a good experience I kind of like it with those small sampan selling food at 20butt. The scene was beautiful, not only sell food,there was also small stall selling cute cute things too. Very crowded because 11/11/11 is the festival of the floating lantern it only happen once a year.
The third day was temple visiting, we visited 3 temple, don't know what's the name, it seem all the temple sound the same to me, hahaha. Oh yes...I saw this pretty cat in one of the temple, at first we thought it was a statue the cat was so still stareing at the tree I think there is a bird up there, hahaha...went she move we all had a good laugh. We also went to a honey manufacturer, I didn't buy any, because I notice everywhere I went, here in Malaysia or other country there is always a real honey know what I mean. Next to a local product shop here I bought some suppose to be very tasty preserve vegetable call "chay poh"from here we went back to the hotel, rest for a while and went for the a massage and our last program for the night was to the disco, we dance and listen to music by some pretty girls singer, when they finish singing they came out topless asking for money.......funny a disco you know, there are so many way to make money in Thailand.
So...the fourth day is free and the whole day walk until the leg want to break, this day I bought some singlets, 2 pair of sandals and walco bra, dinner with red wine and karaok at the hotel......and ...voila....that end our tour because we will be leaving very early tomorrow morning.
Before we get into the bus, this is what they sell, small little dumpling, this is a must buy when you go to Thailand.......
And "GOOD BYE" Hatyai.....I'll be back.....

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Surprised and Shocking Visitors.....

Actually I had so much to write, so many event since my last entry, sad to said I really don't have time to write them....But I'll promise to write them all as soon as possible, at the meantime...I like to show you this visitor that came into my wet kitchen this morning eating the left over bit and pieces. I was surprised when I saw this monitor lizard,and shocking when he/she don't even bother with me while as I was snapping away with my camera.,
And this bird is also flying all over my wet kitchen as though I am not there for quite sometime if I am not mistaken this is the 2nd generation for this bird family , sometime she/he just stood there watching me doing my work.......

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beautiful 'Paya Beach' again.

This is my second trip to this beautiful Island call 'Paya Beach' in Tioman. You read it here,
Tioman island is a volcanic island covered in rain forest. Nested in a secluded with room overlooking South China Sea, this magical atmosphere awaits you at 'Paya Beach Resort'.
I was invited to join a friend company trip with a group of 50paxs, mostly family. Island hoping, snorkeling, eating, drinking and yakking, catching up with friends. I love this's just simply nice....hahaha. The sun was extremely hot, and I end up taking my own shadow....I found it quite nice and creative, me wearing a cap one hand holding on to my Shaw the other hold the camera...
This trip I bought myself a Rm56.00 nice 3piece swim suit, as I said in my last entry that I had lost some weight, so this swim suit came in just nice....and it's cheap. Hope you like this few photo that I took, and I must said it's a enjoyable trip.......With mother nature...
Now about my Million. This is the first time that Million is alone at home while I go pick up my maid, after all it's only 24hrs, I left her enough food and water, I rather put her in a familiar environment rather than boarding her and put in a cage. So...when I came home, the water and food was not touch, poor Million, I think she is not use to being alone at home.
I had already comfrim a trip to 'Paya Beach' thinking that by then my maid should be back, and complication set in when my maid play me out. And now I'll be leaving for 'Paya Beach' the next day. So as usual I left enough food and water for a 2night/3days of my trip for Million. This time I left the tv on so that she won't feel alone. But.....the least expected when I came home and heard her weak barking, came in could not find her, worried I open all the rooms to look for her, and true enough she was locked inside the maid's room, a big question mark there, because when I left I spoke to her before I closed the main door, and how did this happen???? So....I guess this is what happen....the night before I went into the maid's room to get a cap, and I did not close the door, maybe the door just not fully close, out of curiosity Million when in and the door close by itself, that's how she got lock in. Thanks God it's a 3days/2nights trip can you imagine if I have gone for another 2days....phew......when she came out, she got no time to bark at me, just kept drinking water when she recover, she started to bark and scolded me...hahaha.
************************************************************************************* Well...apart from my short holiday, I was very disappointed when my maid did not turn up in the airport. When I sent her off on the 12/8, she promise to call me as soon as she arrived home, in the end I have to call her instead. 1 week before her due date to come back, I started to call her but none of the call can be connected, is either not in use or out of reach, I suspected that she will not return, but...I still go to the airport in case she could not reach me or she come back for somebody else. I was late, look around when to airasia counter to check whether she board the plane, true enough it show 'No Show' meaning she did not go on board. Such sweet face but so damn unreliable. So.....a new stages of my life just began without maid......anyway....don't intend to take any maid, it's very stressful to teach new maid, but there again also will see how it goes.....Kind of use to without maid for the pass 1 mth.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tired.........but..... Yummy...

Not only the house without my super maid it's quiet, I am very tired doing house keeping, and business resumed since last 22/8/11......The first 3days was really very, very tired, but as the days passes by it became easier, now......It's peanut man.....hahaha..... No doubt it's peanut I don't really have time to blog or gyming, because I try to rest as much as possible.
I started my day with most of the time only coffee or horlick, lunch and dinner it's as simple as just grab and eat, but...this morning I decided to have this for breakfast, home made 'cheese pancake', I can't even remember when was the last time I had this for breakfast, and it is really yummy.......I know, I know....It made me fat, but what the hell....I have not been eating well....I already lost 2 kgs in the last 3weeks...
Please do pray hard that my super maid is trustworthy and come back on the 14/9, if not....haiz....I don't even want to think about it......

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What To do......

So much about maid's renewal, so.. she left for home on the 12/8. It's already a week now, and I had not been working since than, kind of wanted to get use to the situation without my super maid. Had been busy since I sent her off at the LCCT. Sweeping, washing, brushing, mopping and throwing all those rubbish that she had been keeping. A friend asked me ' why am I doing all these while my super maid is not around'? My answer: If I tell my the maid that, 'here not clean and there is dusty' can you imagine what will be her reaction? It's not so good right? So what I normally did was, when my maid goes home I'll do a spring cleaning, I mean really "spring cleaning", so when she come back everything will be clean and she just follow up, and mind you...not that my super maid is dirty is just me......self satisfaction......weird right...hahaha. Now that she is not around the house felt extremely quiet and I am kind of not use to it, she is not chatty or noisy, because it's just 2 of us in the house, now that she is not around the house seem quiet lor..even Million is less barky. Anyway..she'll be back in a month's time. Hopefully I can start work on Monday if I can hire someone to help me temporally.....let see how it goes.....
Oh! by the way...I had a new look.....A daring transformation...hahahaso tired of dyeing my hair every 3weeks, with this new colour, it can last at least 3mths, what you think of my new daring hairdo.......

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Maid's Renewal...

I was at the immigration the other day to renew my super maid work permit. It all started months ago when I was in Johor Bahru for a shopping trip. Since I am here I might as well go to the immigration to get some information how to have the renewal done, example, forms to fill the $$ that I have to paid for levy and so on.... To my surprise the immigration was shifted to Kempas, so I was thinking to myself, it's ok, will get the new address from the website.
Can you believe even up to today the Immigration's website do not have the new address of Johor Bahru Immigration, anyway after much much hassle like calling them and checking every possible ways to get the address I manage to hold of the address. Now I have to depend on my GPS to guild me and what happen.....I don't know why the GPS cannot find the exact address, only can locate the 'Taman'. When I reached the Taman I asked around and I got there save and sound at 9am.
This is how it look when I arrived, rolls and rolls of foreign worker queveing, it was the thumbprint things that causes the congestion, some of them have been there for 72hrs. It's kind of scary though.
Lucky for me because for renewal it's on a differant's a breeze for me, took about half hours everything is done.
It's easy actually we can do it ourself, let me tell you how.
1. For the 3rd year extension the maid need fomema(medical).
2. For 4th year onward not need medical(fomema)
3. Bring Maid passport.
4. Paid the levy of Rm445.00 in Bank draft.
5. Take a number and you are on your way......
And bingo, everything is done within half hour.
You can have the extension done 3 months before the expiry date, but at least 1 month before or else they will be a fine.
Well this hassle will last me a year then we'll see if there is any change of rule.....

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gunung Lambak Recreation Sport Night

This is the first time that I joined the "Gunung Lambak Recreation Sport and Family Night". It was held at the poolside with beautiful decoration.
I felt that this is the real "1Malaysia"(rather than those fake one in the news), with everybody regardless of colour or race get together and enjoy to the fullest, with performances, food, dancing, singing, games, lucky draw and so on.... Look at those happy face. This is our big family every Saturday and Sunday at "Gunung Lambak Eco Resort". The handsome DJ was dancing all night long.
Our 4 pretty volunteer instructor,
giving us free lesson every weekend. My favorite instructor Ani Well...the party ended and the class will be closed 6weeks to celebrate 'Hari Raya"(new year for the Muslim).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trip for Super Maid

Remember a few entries away I mention about my super maid going home for a month and be back again. Well, I brought her to Singapore for a day trip to Sentosa Resort and Vivo City we took some nice photos that I like to share it with you.

Is her first time to Singapore

Nice right? Now she had something to show when she goes back home.

Friday, July 08, 2011

I am back...

It's all about getting old. Lately I found myself tired easy, wanting to sleep early for no reason so I guess it's in the package as we get older. That's the reason why I am blogging lesser, so do bear with me for a while. Anyway because of me getting tired all the time and worried, I visit my cardiologist for a medical check up of blood and stress test. The result to my surprise it's even better then the last....there is not even a red mark and my cholesterol total count is only 3.3.....don't you think I deserve a celebration, Wa..Ha..Ha..
Therefore to pamper myself I joined a Rm10.00 bus tour to visit the 'Sentosa Resort Casino' together with my younger sister for the first time since it was open almost a year ago not to gamble, just to visit and look see look see, overall the landscape it's beautiful with the outstanding "Merlion". The Universal Studio There are 2 casino in Sentosa Island "The Sand Casino" and "Sentosa Resort Casino". Our tour only to Sentosa Resort, somehow it's kind of arrangement between the travel agency and the casino that we only paid Rm10.00, when we are in the casino Sin$30.00 food voucher was given to us, cheap can we resist, hahaha. Honestly speaking I still prefer Genting Highland, it's much much cooler at the outside of the casino, over here it's bloody hot so it's not much fun. As for inside the casino I prefer it over here in Singapore because it lesser people therefore you can walk at your own pace, in Genting Highland Casino it's always crowded and being push around most of the time.
This Magnum Gold ice cream that I promise myself I must try when I go to Singapore, because I can't find it here in Kluang, and I did or rather we did tried it, so damn expensive at Sin$5.50 each. Verdict: Don't try, it's expensive and too sweet I still prefer the Magnum Classic. The 3 of us had much fun taking photos.... This is my "LAKE" hahaha 'Lake Of Dreams'.
And ....OH!! look at these giant 'M N M' chocolate, delicious right, (thinking of Redbabe she love chocolate.) This is my younger sister...These are all lolippo....And Jelly Bean....