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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Chapter began had been a year since I last blogged, well, long story short talk ok!. First of all I am very happy today... got my laptop working again and an Ipad.
 Many things happen in this 1 whole year.  I worked very hard, as you know my super maid play me out, working alone is no joke, very time consuming and worse of all I had some problem with my laptop(will blog about it latter)   Keeping healthy and fit is my hobby, that means I still made time for the gym and mountain tracking

 and Belly dancing and yoga and blah..blah..blah, at this point I wish we had longer hours instead of 24.

Anyway...... right now....I am officially retired, migrated to Kuala Lumpur to stayed with my daughter.  Well.....another new chapter of my life had just began.
I have got good news for you... I am a Grandmother of a Baby Boy who is almost 2months old now and I never had enough of him, he is so cute and lovable really, for a 2months old baby, he seem to learn pretty fast, he is more like a 5mths old baby to me....hahaha

Let me introduce my

  Heartthrob Baby G.....