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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Worldcup 2010

Sorry not me being lazy, it's the 'World cup'. Had been watching the game, and sometime the 2.30am's one as well, on top of this I have to wake up early to be at the gym at 9am, and off cause had to work too, so you see.....have to grap the opportunity to catch in between naps, that's the reason, why there is no happening here, it's not my fault at all is the 'World cup'. Hopefully, I'll be able to write something soon. At the meantime, ' Happy World cup season', hahaha

Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Nice!!

I mention in one of my entry about meeting up with a friends that I have not met for more than 30years. And here is, 'Mimi'.....a big sister to me, I remember when we first met I was less than 10yrs old. At that time we were living in a fruit plantation, where my youngest brother was born in 1964, her late mother was a nanny to my brother and that's how we met. Mimi stayed with us even though her mother was no more taking care of my brother, we were into our teens together, slept, eat, play we even went to the same school, honestly.....there is so much to write about, memories just kept flashing back in my mind, don't think I can write them all. ********* Thanks to Rose (the one in maroon ts')also a good friend who is now staying in France, and she never fail to look me up whenever she is back in Malaysia. This time round she brought Mimi her classmate staying in Johor Baru. I couldn't recognize Mimi when she walk into my shop alone to surprise me, because we have lost touch for more than 30yrs, and 30yrs is a long long time. I was almost in tears when she told me who she is, what should I's was really nice to meet up, really great, unfortunately mom is no more with us or else she'll be just as happy. ****** We promise to keep in touch, I'll bring my little brother who is now married with 3kids to visited her, next time round it will be a surprise for her..........

Friday, June 04, 2010


I think there is a rat in my house, because Million and Dollar had been so busy tracking it down, see...... Million even track it way up high on top of the cupboard. She insisted it's up there and so persisting about it, therefore I have to put her up there and nope it's not there. There is nothing on top neither is behind the cupboard, instinct told me the rat is still inside the house, so let see how good is Million and Dollar at the job this time.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Well Done!!

Since I already clear Mom's room sometime ago, I might as well upgrade it into a guest room, or maybe rent it out....hahaha! With the help of my super maid I gave it a new coat of paint, put on new floor mate because the old wood had wore off, rearranged and touch up the furniture, put up some new curtain, and the bed, look so comfy.....and.....wallah... it's done!! What a satisfaction.....Let's see who is my first guest to sleep in this room, any of you want to visit me?