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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Into 2014

Woke up this morning feeling a little sad knowing that today is the last day of 2013 365 days, a year has gone,  a croissant,  a cup of cappuccino and flash back.  It was indeed a drastic changes in my life for 2013. Given up everything in Kluang and started a new life.
So.....I moved to Kuala Lumpur a day before my grandson was born, I should have came earlier but...kind of giving myself funny excuses till the very last minute,  I don't know why and what that was.. maybe, scare and unsure of the new life and the out come that I am going to face or challenges. Everything was new to me over here in KL than. Finally the 2.7kg bundle had arrived safely the next day 30/4/13 and I must said I only knew it's a boy until he was born(they kept it a secret0

, and that adds on to the excitement.
I was taught and learn my first road direction to the hospital, the rest are mostly through GPS...and my new life a confinement lady cum grandma trying my best to do whatever I learned, through friends and books and Internet and so on...not easy because I know nuts about confinement further more, I have been staying alone for a long time and now staying as a family is totally different, trying my best to do everything right, but what's is the definitions of 'right'. anyway...I over looked that and kept telling myself I did my best,it's really not easy though...well...  I manage to breezy through...sometime console myself with tears.
After the 2nd month here I joined the 'True Fittness' a gym that I went almost every evening to do what I like most exercise, from here I started to join other activities.

 And so...slowly I blended into my new stage of life.
It's already 8mths now....watching my grandson grow each day is the happiest happening, every new things he learned is an excitements, he had his first tooth at the 4th months

 learn to crawl at 5th,

 sit at 6th,

 hold to stand at 7th
 and now into his 8th months he hold to walk

 and start to get his way around,

 on top of it his Christmas wishes came through "wishing for his other 2 front teeth" and today 31/12/13 his top teeth appear.
 So..that's almost my whole year of 2013 except I went for a short holiday to Hanoi with my sister and some travel mate.

Overall it was a whole Blessing and fruitful years of 2013 for me, after all staying with family is not bad at all.
I must have been a very good person in my past life, having my daughter and son-in-law is Blessing it's God's gift, both are great children to me, not forgetting that bundle of joy that celebrated my Birthday,


his 1st Christmas and New Year.......
And that rounds up my year 2013 and welcome the year 2014 with open arm and with more Blessing and Fruitful Year of the Horse.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Nursery Rhymes

Looking at all those toys, flash cards,
books of colours, animals, household stuff and so on
And the soft toys........

 Fade memories of my baby 'Girl' started to flash back.  In the 70s' we don't have so many educational stuff for babies, just simple simple one like big pieces of zig saw puzzle, cardboard books, big ABC blocks maybe more, but  again... that's what l can afford.back there.  The most memorable was the nursery rhymes, it's almost the same kind of song, the only different was....those days come in books and l have to sang it and now come in CDs, and it's so much easier.  Each time l played the CD for my grandson I sang along just like the old time singing to my baby girl, the same old songs.. like  'Rock a bye baby,  Michael row the boat, Sing a song of sixpence, coming round the mountain, The happy wanderer and so on, the most memorable was the Rain, rain go away'......l used to sang  my own version, it goes like that, "rain rain go away little Gladys want to play" and now..."rain rain go away little Gabbriel want's to play" it bring smile to my face with those sweet little memories of the days of my little one now taller and bigger then me.........sweetest of all.... the bundles of joy bringing laughter and happiness especially those crying sound that bring the house upside down but....still ........crazily happy over the bundles of joy.......Both..Baby Gs.

So cute right ...........

Monday, September 16, 2013

30 Years Old Stamp

As I was visiting a Mun's blog Life After 38
and she was talking about stamps it
rings the bell. and she was talking
about stamps it rings the bell. I
remember 30 years  ago, while I was
working in Singapore 'First Day
Cover'  was one of my hobbies,
influence by my colleague. So....the
album was tucked somewhere
collecting dust, and here it

 my not many 'Singapore First Day
Cover' collection that I would  like to
share with you. So pretty right?
Imagine how time
flies....Phew......30years fast...

When I return to my homeland " 

Malaysia" and wanted to carry on my 

hobby, but somehow it's different, see 

they don't provide envelope These are 

the few of my Malaysia Stamp(First 

Day Cover) that I had collected.  It's 

hard to explain the system than, the 

release of the 'First Day Cover' does 

not tally with the actual date in the news paper about 1week latter or something like that..maybe I was not sure about their system, and the back dated stamp chop was not good, point collecting something that is out of my expectation so I gave up. Hopefully it has improve after20years.  Hope you enjoy my few collection

Sunday, September 08, 2013

A Raining Day

It's either the cool weather, or something else , suddenly I miss my Mom and I felt like crying. Thinking of her once a while is normal, but thinking of her and  missing her so much meaning, something  must have trickle that emotion. My mind start to wonder back to  memory lane and  she was one woman that never complain, a very simple woman that is out of ordinary .  Sometime I wish I am like her other than her looks, if I can have her character it will be superb.  I wonder did she kept all her sorrow and unhappiness deep inside her or she just live and let live. I guess I have a lot to learn from her.  Well....conclusion....nobody is perfect.  A question, am I suppose to be myself or somebody else.....huh....

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Life in Kuala Lumpur

Life in KL........not too bad la so far.  Looking at my grandson learning news skill everyday
and giving me that cutest smile, really melt my heart and that's happiness to all grandmama, hahaha.
It's already 4mths that I am here nothing much happening, beside taking care of Baby G in the day I goes to the gym in the evening basically to make some new friends, but so far I only manage to chat up with the couple that sell soya one flour below the gym.  Anyway....the gym not too bad, quite crowded in the evening, most of the of the machine is used so,normally I'll just join the conducted classes like 'Zumba, Body Combat and different kind of yoga about one or two hours a session just to sweat it out.
Life at home is just revolve around the baby, not too bad so far, but lately he is into the 4th months and getting quite cranky and smart, but still ok la, like I said before the minute he gave me that cutie cute cute smile my heart melt.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Chapter began had been a year since I last blogged, well, long story short talk ok!. First of all I am very happy today... got my laptop working again and an Ipad.
 Many things happen in this 1 whole year.  I worked very hard, as you know my super maid play me out, working alone is no joke, very time consuming and worse of all I had some problem with my laptop(will blog about it latter)   Keeping healthy and fit is my hobby, that means I still made time for the gym and mountain tracking

 and Belly dancing and yoga and blah..blah..blah, at this point I wish we had longer hours instead of 24.

Anyway...... right now....I am officially retired, migrated to Kuala Lumpur to stayed with my daughter.  Well.....another new chapter of my life had just began.
I have got good news for you... I am a Grandmother of a Baby Boy who is almost 2months old now and I never had enough of him, he is so cute and lovable really, for a 2months old baby, he seem to learn pretty fast, he is more like a 5mths old baby to me....hahaha

Let me introduce my

  Heartthrob Baby G.....