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Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY 2010

Sending all of you a BIG NEW YEAR HUGS......Wish you many special moments and memories........HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010
Just came home after the count down with some friends at the Kluang Golf Club....... funny thing is I am born and bred here in Kluang, yet this is the first time that I celebrate the arrival of a new year here at the club, practically almost all the people from the whole town came here for the count down, the atmosphere was really really high, I am glad that I decided to join them, I had great fun. Got some pics will upload them another day.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Month of December

Of all the twelve months in a year, December is the busiest for most of us especially me. Because in addition to all, my birthday falls on the 14th of December. My birthday celebration this year was a little different from all previous celebrations. More crowd and more happening, hahaha...
After my birthday celebration, come the 'Winter Soltice Festival' which falls on the 22th December. Winter Soltice is a chinese tradition to celebrate the arrival of winter. On this day, we make glutinous rice ball ("tang yuen"). Concealed within it are sweet peanut paste. These round glutinous rice ball symbolises the union of a family.The festival was celebrated rather differently too this year cause it is the first year without mom. But on the other hand, as consolation, my other sibling came home to celebrate it. :) It has been a long time since they last came home for this special festival. It's nice to be with family during festive season.
Oh yes, before I forget, my medical check-up was due in December too and I passed with flying colours again for the 2nd time in a year! I am so proud of myself for maintaining a clean bill of health. For this I must celebrate, hahaha.
Then came Christmas. Nothing special this year. Just the same as many years before. Spending Christmas Eve by sending out Christmas wishes to friends and family members and receiving many wishes too at the same time. Let's see what's the celebration like for me on the arrival of 2010......... ;)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Christmas Time

Sending all my friends here the warmest "Hugs of the season And wishing you the "Best Of Time"!.
Christmas Hugs! "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yeah! It's my Birthday again.

It wasn't so long ago that I celebrated my birthday and now it is here again. So fast meh? A year older again. This time round the celebration was at Palm Garden with Gladys, Harrison, Tenny and Chaire and their family.
Honestly....the birthday song was sang so well that it sent butterflies into my stomach. "THANKYOU GUYS", the food was great the company was fantastic. I must say, it was unforgettable and will always keep me smiling for the next 12 months. I mentioned in my entry of the Cambodia trip that I received an early birthday present from Tenny. Well this is what she gave me. Nice right?
And a pair of 'Guess' sunglasses from St. Chaires which I wanted very much. Sexy right?
A bouquet of flowers too from the children... So thoughtful right? And Tenny top it up with a lovely card *muak, muak*. Oh yes, Gladys bought a lovely yummy cake, and I requested for 1 candle. I am sure you all know why....hehehe, very old already the cake got not enough space to put all the candle so 1 lor, clever right?
Oh yes, by the way, my birthday actually falls on the 14/12. That celebration was 2 days earlier - 12/12. They said it was a lucky number. Hahaha... Today(14/12) Tenny and me had lunch at "Ritch". It's kind of a must go on my birthday since I was always there on all my previous birthdays. The lady boss, Trisca, gave us a beautiful cheese cake fo the occassion on the house. It was so pretty and yummy.
Once again, thank you. I had an enjoyable time and hope you all had too.