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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cameron Highland...

I was invited by my cousin Theresa to join the Cameron Highland Trip with her entire family which included my auntie(dad's only sister) and the rest of her siblings. There are 18 of us altogether in 2 MPVs and 2 Saloon Cars. Steamboat, tapanyaki and BBQ was the speciality inside our bungalow, because of the cool weather these food taste extremely yummy.
For those who don't know about Cameron Highland, here is a roughly description. Cameron is a small town cover an area of 712 sq km, it's boundary touches that of Kelantan to the west, part of it's border with Perak(different state of Malaysia), with the temperature below 25degree centigrade in the day, and 12 degree in the night. You can see the lots of agriculture like flowers, vegetable, fruits and so on....
Even though it's a short 2days 1 night trip we had great fun laughter , yakking and eating.... kind of enjoying our self to the fullest.
It's a must to shop for vegetable, fruits and flowers when you go to Cameron Highlandand I bought these , nice right?
By the way, I wonder any of you heard about this traditional medicine call "Tongkat Ali" for man,
it is believe if you soak it in wine and drink it, it made you very healthy doing this.....wah..ha...ha

Lastly...Thank you for the invitation Theresa, and Thanks to all that made it happen.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

'Mother's Day' 2011 for me was totally different from those in the past years. I was at the mountian on Sunday for aerobic after a long break. The group had grown from less than 20 people to about 50 now,(the pics below was an old one) and because today is 'Mother's Day', the organiser had a small celebration, kind of getting to know each other, and so.....our teacher "Ani", started the ball rolling by putting candle on the cake, and you know.....with candle on the cake , we suppose to sing right? True enough everybody started to sing, and I was wondering what will the song be, can you guess??? Hahaha....I couldn't stop was so funny, using the rhythm of the birthday song, and it goes "happy birthday...Mother's day, happy birthday Mother's day, happy birthday Mother's day.....try singing it.......hahaha, anyway.... it was fun though, I had a great time chatting and laughing, sorry no photo because I didn't bring my camera not knowing about the celebration. ***** Had high tea with Tenny at 'secret recipe. Tenny's daughter just started college in Singapore, and my Jewel will be starting on a new job on Monday so no traveling, both of us had our own celebration together eating cheese cake and made our self 'fat'..hahaha (faint). No photo too. ***** I bought some chocolate to go with the " Mother's Day". I remember when my Jewel was little, how I wish that she can wish me on this special day, I can see the spark and shyness in the eye, especially those young Mothers when I gave them the chocolate and wishes. Actually I wanted to take some nice photo here, no...this time I had my camera was planing how I want the photo taken and so on.......and luck was not with me........suddenly.....millions of flying termite appear and I was busy trying put up oily bags to get rid of them, but...really too much of them the best way is to switch off all the lights and throw water on the floor, so you see, my plan spoil.. and only this miserable few shots, guess it's better then nothing right?? ***** A day like this I can't help misses my Mom, where ever you are Mom, I like to wish you a very "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY"