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Monday, October 29, 2007

crazy daddy took pictures of me and dollar when mommy was bathing us,

...........finally ..........pretty me !

Friday, October 26, 2007

It was a wooden cart, pushed by an old man. My first thought was, 'what is he sellling in that old fashion wooden cart', as we all know these mobile hawkers no longer use wooden carts, the least is a 'trishaw' because it can move faster, and these carts need alot of effort to push especially now with the heavy traffic flow that we have.
So l went nearer to look see and to explore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh....dear it's an empty cart, and the man have been pushing it up and down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! according to some people there, it seems he is of an unsound mind,................. so pityful......l don't think he knows what he is doing.
Well..........what do you think he is trying to do or build? l m just curious, to me it looks like an " olden day mode of transportation" ............... 'the horse carriage' hahaha, wat about you??

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DOLLAR: So........Million have been telling tales about me, huh????? She thinks l run while pooing is funny? Let me tell you a secret, Million is very grumpy..........she hates taking bath and always grumble when mummy bathe her, she eats real slow and always stay beside mummy, because she is a scaredycat, she needs mummy's protection when daddy is around(guess why?)hehehe. Do you all know, Million thinks she can talk.........every morning when mummy wakes up she'll sit beside her while mummy is reading the papers and start to make funny sounds as though she is talking, then mummy will ask her this "yes, Million you saying something......ya......what is it?" Then mummy will start with "Million, 'A' for apple", so funny right? More funny things about Million, she ar.....always...... don't know why, will pull my blanket and run to the kitchen with it and leave it there, that's my crazy sister --Million !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

MILLION: mommy is so chatty that she always forget that this is our 'Million Dollar's blog'(sigh),..........but today ....... thank goodness she did not neglect us, infact we have been treated real nice, especially lately we had chicken neck for lunch quite often, l must say both of us just love it and look forward to it everyday. We normally don't get it everyday just once in a while. Mommy said that if we have it too often our poo will be real hard and is bad for us, wonder whether it is true or not??
Talking about 'poo'.........tell you all a secret, Dollar will poo and run at the same time, dirty the house with droppings of her poo. Mommy will scream at her and chase her with the rotan and she will go hide under the sofa, and daddy will come to her rescure picking each poo as fast as possible, Dollar only does this when daddy is around, when daddy is out of town she behaves real well.
This is her sleeping place or her sleeping sofa, she won't even let me go near it and will call daddy to blanket her when she wants to sleep, see how spoil she is!!!!!!!!!! Mommy always say Dollar leads daddy by the nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's more than 2weeks now, picking up the pieces is really hard, trying to forget is even harder. Everytime l see his MSN and email address l just cannot help missing him.
l am still keeping the MSN conversation that we use to chitchat, he is so cheerful and a real happy guy. Really miss him lotsss.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Went to the bank this morning, and as we all know, we can use the machine to bank in cash, well l did just that ......... punched in the necessary number and placed my cash into that little opening.........well, so now l can hear the machine counting my cash........and oopssss.... 1 of the rm50.00 note was rejected, so l changed and put in another rm50.00 note, so the little opening close, and again l hear the machine counting and to my surprise this note is also rejected and the little opening opened........ so l took out my rm50.oo, guess what!!! my rm50.00 became the value of rm25.00 because only half the note came out...........hiazzzzzzzzzzz 'MALAYSIA BOLEH', wa....ha....ha......ha.., all those people around and beside me started to stare at me and my half note and started laughing, so l just mummbled to them asking a very stupid question "is this a counterfeit note'? thinking to myself "wow! machine also can cut the counterfeit note into 2 ka". Then I went to look for the clerk and while I was away someone else put in atlease rm5000.00 useing the same machine and the same thing happened, but lucky his notes were not cut into 2 but stuck inside the machine. So after a little hassle they locked the door with many security guards with guns ready and opened up the machine, took out my other half rm50.00note and 2 rm100.00 note that belonged to the other person. l m lucky because they just changed a new rm50.00 note for me, as for the other guy he will have to wait till 5pm. It's not a joke "MALAYSIA REALLY BOLEH"!
Sometime ago... l attended the yearly seminar organised by MDKU, to upgrade our business. l really don't know whether it works or not. Maybe it's a money making scheme by them !! ..... ha!..... ha!....ha! We had to pay $RM70.00 per person. A class is about 50paxs, attandance is compulsary.
It started at 8am but l arrived at 8.30am (hehe). When l arrived there was still a very long queve........ to register and ofcourse to pay the $RM70.00. Well, class started with the usual blah, blah and blah. You'll be surprised!.......... some of the people that attended don't even understand a word, because the class was conducted in Malay............. you actually can see some of them dozing off !
Food was serve during tea break and lunch........ but no tables !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ........... we had to eat holding our plates, as for the officials they ate on 2 round tables. l think this is crazy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We pay them and we have to eat holding our plates and they sat down comfortablely on the round tables to eat. ....................a case of abuse of authority? .............. Ha!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

it was a freak 'accidental lock out'..........While on the way up to KL from Kluang on the 5/10/07, we decided to stop at Pedas Linggi to use the restroom and stretch out. It was a caring decision that Lester made, telling us to go to the restroom the meantime he'll just stretch and wait for us so that he can leave the car aircon on for our 2 lovely furkids 'Million and Dollar'. As all of us got out of the car, closing the door one by one, my 2 excited lovely furkids started jumping near the driver side because Lester was standing there, and.....oops.......Dollar long leg stepped on the central locking.......and ....OOPS........we were all locked out with the 2 dogs inside..........hiazzzzz. Called 'Plus' straight away and off course we were trying to get Million- Dollar's attention so that they can step on the auto window but.....instead she just stood in the centre of the car without moving, knowing something was amiss. Well, quite a number good samaritans came to help, one of the lorry driver gave us a long wire.......... we tried and tried and others also tried but it didn't work, still no sight of Plus, after about 1hr of trying with the wire, the same lorry driver found a long metal flap and gave it to us, again we tried and tried and others tried too, it didn't work either, so l just sat down and waited for Plus to come and help. While looking at all those good people that were helping, suddently it dawn on me that everybody were trying to open from the central locking door, l was sure the central locking door needs more presure to open it because it control 4doors. When everybody left l just took the metal flap went to the passenger side and tried after about 2mins...'Bingo' l did it, at the same time l saw the arriving of Plus,.......... "GREAT .....just great !" So my advice do not leave your furkids in the car alone with the engin on, and always try to open the door away from the central locking door, l noticed it is a normal reaction that people tend to try it on the driver side.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

"Uncle, please help me wake my daddy up, he has been sleeping in that box for too long "it was so heart breaking to hear my 4yrs old grand nephew say this to my cousin. He cannot understand why his father is sleeping in that box for so long, black was his favourite colour, and now he refuses to wear black, somehow or other I felt that he was trying to convey the message that he is not accepting the fact that his daddy is no more alive. It was a bad car accident, that took my nephew's life instantlly leaving wife and 2 young sons. When my grand nephew came back from the burial ceremony he told me this "my daddy is not coming back, they put him in that hole because he didn't wake up" and this time he refused to wear red. He screamed and cried when they tried to put on a red shirt for him. It's really sad to see him crying so hard to convey a meassage accross which we cannot understand what he is trying to say. Anyway after all the hassel, I managed to bath and put on the red shirt on him, after wearing the red shirt he seem back to normal , I think he has accepted the fact that his daddy is dead.......... So............. it's time for me to go home, and this is what he said to me "don't drive so fast, l won't be able to help you if anything should happen !" l was shocked and then he turned to Lester and said "uncle Lester drive slowly" (mun mun chia ) It's been a very very sad weekend ..........................he was my farvourite nephew, loved him lotssss............