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Friday, July 13, 2012

Europe Tour....

So... I am home after a 21days tour in Europe.We made up a group of 8 from Malaysia and met up with two more in London so it's 10 of us. Spend some time in London, and join 12days Europe tour together with others tourist, altogether we had 47 traveling in a bus with a tour guide and a bus driver  It was wonderful to meet people in all walks of life getting together and making the best out of it.  21 days to London, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria and Belgium, it's really tiring, morning call at 6am, only back to the hotel around dinner time  at 7.30pm, some days..were follow up with drinking session till the wee hr, tired right?  But fun....when international people get together.

Touch down Headthrow airport London on 1/6/12 at 8.30am, when for breakfast somewhere in London because our service apartment was not ready till 11am. With our baggage we went to the underground train station(metro) to our apartment which is  in Chinatown Soho after much finding and asking around we finally found out apartment it's a 3 storey apartment and I was located to the highest floor(faint), with the help of my room mate we manage to bring our baggage up. No regret though, because we had beautiful view and a big bathroom.
We were be in London for 3days.  So my first day in London...."London Eye, River Cruise, Tower Bridge and Oxford Street II",

  and 2nd day day was the wax museum of' ' Madame Tussand' took photo with the rich and famous, hahaha...  and did some shopping which some of our other members was crazy about especially "Branded Good"
3rd day, went to 'Royale Park' to celebrate the Queen's 25 Diamond Jubilee, didn't wait to see the Queen's wave because I'll be meeting my 2 cousins.

It's a must meeting up with my 2 cousins Liza and family, Ross and partner whom I have not seen for quite a long time especially Ross, think it's almost 20yrs ago the last I saw her. Had lunch and walking around in Soho Chinatown, it was really nice to meet up after such a long time.

We left London for Scotland Edinburgh by train.  my first sight of Edinburgh was breath was so beautiful fairytale like, beautiful bridges with castle everywhere it's so ancient glad I am there really no regrets.  Another high floor to our apartment, this time I only had my backpack with me so it's not so bad all most immediately after check in, we went for coffee down stair. A day tour for Edinburgh start the next day, we were introduce to many castle and university of Scotland, after the tour we are on our way to Glasgow another city of Scotland on our own. Will be here for a day only, so did nothing much except shopping again, and I must said there is a shoe shop sell 'flipflop' at a very good discount, I too bought some..... hehehe.
Back to London for 2night before we join the Europe tour, but before that we when to 'Blister Village' a brands' outlet, here... some of our group members when crazy,  I am not so interested in Branded stuff la, maybe to me it's just too expensive and I think it's not necessary, since I am there I might as well buy something affordable for myself so I bought a Bur berry overnight bag, not too expensive compare to those Parada, Channel, Gucci and so on, I am happy and I think it's really nice and practical. Everybody was smiling when we left the outlet.
And our Europe tour bus will pick us up after breakfast the next day at our France, Paris......