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Monday, April 27, 2009

End of MOM's routh..

We did prayers for mom's "100days" and blessings of the tomb on the 25/04/09, and this is the last day of my "serving" her. During the past 100days her photo was put on a table serving as an alter........... in the centre of our sitting room and joss sticks have to be burned for 24hrs a day, and............ suddently everything is over now, that particular photo is kept and our life is back to normal, funny feeling though.., l actually miss her more than the pass 100days, like what my daughter redbabe said in her blog, 'it felt strange', I said the same too. So from now on, Mom will live in my memories forever. To think of it, the invention of "Video Cam" is really marvalous, l can still hear mom's laughter and watch her smile, great isn't it?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cloud, Sun and Sunset,

After passing the 'haunted mansion', we headed for the highway to go home. Then... out of the blue hubby said "why not we go to 'Batu Pahat' for dinner". " Sure" I said, (for those who don't know where 'Batu Pahat' is, well, it is about 45mins drive and Johor Baru is 2hrs drive away from our home. Both are in the opposite direction from Kluang (where I stay) . We travelled on the trunk road to Batu Pahat so the scenery was good. As we reached Batu Pahat, I insisted that we take the new route to Batu Pahat town. After lots of "disagreement" hubby agreed. But there was no new town. Just a stretch of new buildings and in a jiff hubby just drove through and we were suddenly on the way to 'Muar' which is about 1hr drive away from Batu Pahat. See... that's what I meant for a "RELAXING TRIP". As we'll heading for Muar the clouds were nice, the sun was so bright------ right infront of us, that made driving kind of glaring, but after a while we saw the beautiful sunset. l don't know why l felt so good looking at the clouds, sun and sunset, maybe because l work in the evening and hardly have a chance to actually look at the sunset or lift my head up to see the clouds, even if I lift up my head it will be "oh, its' a cloudy day" that's about all, but this trip, we "followed" the cloud, sun and sunset for about an hour, and this time it really gave me a chance to look and admire them. l felt good!!
It was almost 7.30pm when we finally arrived at the outskirts of Muar.
We saw a row of pre-war shop houses...
soon "dissappearing" and being replaced by high and tall buildings. Not sure where we were heading so we just drove around, all the time looking for the only landmark we knew about Muar, that is the "Muar Bridge".
Didn't seem to see it, so after asking around, we finally saw the bridge and headed for food. Our lunch was just rojak at about 2pm, can you imagine how hungry we were? We saw a very crowded food court with many stalls selling a variety of food, from bread to seafood.
We ordered some food, the "otak otak"was really nice we even bought some home.
As for the 'chay keow teow', it is just so-so.
I would not recommend the satay.
We managed to finish most of the food we ordered.
After dinner, we leave Muar for home, Million and Dollar really tired and slept all the way back to home sweet home.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Very Relaxing Day Tour

My bussiness registration needed to be renewed in Johor Baru, so l planned a very relaxing trip for the day with my Million and Dollar, as usual both will sleep as soon as the car engin starts,(and of course hubby as the driver !). As we reached Johor Baru, we visited a 8Oyrs old relative(forgot to snap pics)and stayed for about half hour, then proceeded to get my renewal, to my surprise it only took about 15mins and was all done! So........we had plenty of time left, "what should we do next"......."to the beach" hubby said, "ok, must be a nice beach ok! ", and l remembered sometime ago l went for an interview in this very nice and clean beach front, so off we went hoping that we won't be lost.......well, we headed straight to the beach,and wow ! we could even see Singapore!
The two girls enjoyed themsleves sssssoooo much ! (see pics !) Windsurfing,fishing,eating icecream and "rojak", well mommy and daddy did..... we just watched both of them exploring ! We stayed for about 3 hours walking up along the beach with Million and Dollar and watched people fishing, oh yes, bird watching too, just looked at how 'bird brain' work, smart right? So we left much relaxed, never felt so good since the day that mom got sick, it was nice breathing in those sea breeze. Million and Dollar were so tired and doze off as soon as we got into the car. As we were starting to drive home l saw this big mansion, believe it or not, about 35yrs ago someone told is haunted,(want to try and see?)While on the way back to Kluang, hubby suggest that we go to Batu Pahat for dinner, so we drove on.........tell you more in my next entry, bye..... have a wonderful weekend, l did have a wonderful relaxing morning by the beach, it has been a long long time since l had this feeling.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

picking up bits and pieces

Mom's room is still intact except her bed (which was removed and replaced with a borrowed hospital bed when she was sick), and now the hospital bed has been returned. I was trying to pack some of her clothes but only managed to do a few, just couldn't do it all at one go, but l did nicely pack her wheelchair, walker and backrest.
Sitting there in her room looking around brought back alot of memories, this wardrobe was with her since she married my dad, and those days that was the only long mirror in our house so everytime after dressing up to go out, looking into this mirror is the final check, and this wardrobe come in much latter. The dressing table is where we put on our makeup because the mirror is big enough. This sewing machine is so much older, (l think is as old as me) mom used to sew for the whole family with the same kind of material using that sewing machine. Mom is fantastic, she has never been to a sewing school and yet she sew beautiful dresses for us, shirts for both my brothers and my dad.
What about those things inside her drawer, where should l start? Mom is very sentimental she kept quite alot of family photos, each and every drawers contain photo albums. She love taking it out every now and then to look at them, wish my other silbling inherite some of her sentimental gene, haha. Mom love to look pretty at all times, she had alot of beautiful dresses, but now.... not much left because most of her dresses were put in her coffin. Those are the few dresses left in her wardrobe, l m so reluctant to give them away.