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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Nursery Rhymes

Looking at all those toys, flash cards,
books of colours, animals, household stuff and so on
And the soft toys........

 Fade memories of my baby 'Girl' started to flash back.  In the 70s' we don't have so many educational stuff for babies, just simple simple one like big pieces of zig saw puzzle, cardboard books, big ABC blocks maybe more, but  again... that's what l can afford.back there.  The most memorable was the nursery rhymes, it's almost the same kind of song, the only different was....those days come in books and l have to sang it and now come in CDs, and it's so much easier.  Each time l played the CD for my grandson I sang along just like the old time singing to my baby girl, the same old songs.. like  'Rock a bye baby,  Michael row the boat, Sing a song of sixpence, coming round the mountain, The happy wanderer and so on, the most memorable was the Rain, rain go away'......l used to sang  my own version, it goes like that, "rain rain go away little Gladys want to play" and now..."rain rain go away little Gabbriel want's to play" it bring smile to my face with those sweet little memories of the days of my little one now taller and bigger then me.........sweetest of all.... the bundles of joy bringing laughter and happiness especially those crying sound that bring the house upside down but....still ........crazily happy over the bundles of joy.......Both..Baby Gs.

So cute right ...........