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Monday, June 25, 2007

Mummy and Daddy came back from their Canada trip few days ago, it takes a few days for us all to settle down with all te excitment, so glad to see them again, think is the same for them too because they hug and hug and hug both of us.
Mummy start telling us about Canada especially the life of Doggies, basically canadian majority are dog lover, you see dogs everywhere, park, cafe, subway, buses, electric bus, outside the supermarket when their owner are shopping, the supermarket supply water tray for the waiting dog can you believe it.
Sound like nice place to stay, look at all those happy dogs over there,
and this particular one sitting at the window so cute right, like a toy dog small, can u see tt white dog at te window.......

Friday, June 22, 2007

hi, everybody it's been a long long time since l last came in here, sorry mummy has been busy with all those activites especially doggie gathering and..........oh!!!!....... those contest that mummy makes me and dollar join but......l only won the 'best dress' that l came in 1st
and after this contest mummy has been sewing quite a bit of clothings for us both, show u some of it, this is suppose to be a bridle dress,
and look at dollar..... cute isn't it?
here come our dresses for X'mas, brithday n so on......... how u like it??? what u think?? nice?? tell u a little secret, my mummy sometime sell these nice one to her very good friends. BYE................SEE U NEXT TIME...........