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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ovenly hot.....

There is still no rain or any improvement from the last entry about dry season.....we did the rain dance, only rain through seeding, hot like an oven, plus fire.....

Finally after 25mins, the fire engine arrived, fire man trying very hard to put off the fire with very low water pressure.

The bird eye's view of the fire.......... At last the fire was put off, but the smoke lasted for 2days.

Water ratio is so low..........If any of you is thinking of visiting me, please bring me water instead of cake.......hahaha

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's HOT and DRY

My little hometown, Kluang, also known as the 'bat town', smacked right in the middle of Johor, South of Malaysia, has been hit by a dry spell. There were only 3 to 5 minutes long of rain
here since January and our reservoir is at the verge of drying up. The whether is so freaking hot that it is best to go out in our birthday suit, hehehe. The temperature is about 35-40 degree on average. Water level is very very low and the water department had to turn off the tap every alternate day just to save some water, hoping that our reserve can last longer and that the rain will start pouring down soon. We have to store water in these big containers for the house and shop's usage.
It created so much extra work and inconveniences. Just look at these grass. All dried up.
The river that I used to swim when I was young even have grass sprouting out in the middle. Which mean, the river is also drying up. Bush fire was everywhere. This small fire is just next to my house.
The best part is, our state (Johor) have been selling water to Singapore since 1950 something. So you see, maybe it is the Singaporean that have drank up all our water supplies... hahaha......
When I was young, if it rain, I used to sing "rain, rain, go away, come again another day". And now it definitely had to be "rain, rain, come and stay, nothing like a rainy day" erm.....maybe I should be a lyric composer, Wa.....ha.....ha


It has already been more than half a month since the last day of Chinese New Year and yet, my entry for 'Chap Goh Mei' is still on. I have been missing in action and let me tell you of my disappearance. The reason is, I've been lazy. Been waking up late and didn't even goes to the gym for more than a month already. Had put on a hundred kilo, sob... sob... terrible right?
The other reason was, went on a holiday with my daughter 'Redbabe' for a 4d/3n holiday to Kuching, a little town in Sarawak (also known as the exotic Borneo), Malaysia.
I have nothing much to said except it's super clean and the hotel we stayed in was nice, cosy and just 3 months old. It was very new.
As for the sightseeing, you can actually see all in a day, but we split it into 2 days. On the second day after we arrived, we visited 'The Cultural Village'.
Let the photos do the talking.
Cultural dance shows, aborigines straw houses, bamboo bridges, and some real human skull that the head hunter hunted.
On day 3, we visited the 'Orang Utan'.
According to the guide/driver we were very lucky to be able to see the wild 'Orang Utan'. There were times where visitors have to make 3 to 4 trips just to see them. Yes we are one of the lucky people, saw not just 1 but 2 adults and a baby orang utan.
According to the local, waterfront is where all the action will be, but... still nothing much to see except some food stalls with a few tourists.
Temple, oh yes we saw a few temples.
Went to Chinatown had coffee in a very nice cafe specialized in coffee. Entertaining ourselves with photo taking. Trying to be MJ's long lost sister, hahaha. I must said the food here is not as good as those in Kota Kinabalu.
Overall, my 4d/3n trip here is totally unlike all the places that I have been before. There were not many young people there especially young or modern girls. Not even in the malls. It's kind of quiet, and I must said the man there was different too. They would stare at us as if we were aliens... quite scary. Not sure if it is a compliment or there is really no female species in Kuching...hahaha. Nevertheless, it was a good experience. We actually can't wait to go home and almost miss our flight because the hotel airport shuttle didn't turn up in time and we have to go to the airport in a taxi. My daughter had to run to the check-in counters and asked a kind lady to let her check-in first because it was the final call for our flight to check in.