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Saturday, April 26, 2008

l have been wanting to write something about a stray dog that l named her "Bobby".......... sounds like a male dog isn't it? She has a pair of brown eyes with big ears, long legs with a patch of white spots at the front legs that looks like a pair of socks! Anyway Bobby is a very passionate and friendly, who has a cat as her best friend, which l name Kitty, Bobby sleeps and play with Kitty, even bring food for Kitty, she'll wait for Kitty to eat first and pick up the balance for herself, is really cute and is the first time l have seen such a passionate act. The only photo that l manage to snap is when both of them are sleeping, everytime l hold the camera when they are playing, they just stop and sit there. Well, if cats and dogs can be friends l m sure we can have 'WORLD PEACE'

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

l did it Kluang recently we have facing alot of water meter thieft, few days ago somewhere near my house a row of meters were stolen, took some pictures and emailed to 'The Star" newspaper to try my luck.....and l did it again.......l won myself rm50.00.
Sometime ago, can't remember when and l lost that photo, maybe some of my friends will remember this, a small plane crashed ........... by the prince of Johor near my house, l won rm50.00 for that photo too.