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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Accident do happen..

I accidentally had a bad cut, the metal on my chopping board gave way, see this is the chopping board and this is what the doctor did, stitching me up. It look small but it's deep, bloody painful even after 2 days. I took this photo using my mobile phone to entertain myself or else I'll cry, that's what I told the doctor, so he clear the view for me.
The pain must goes off in 4days, because I will be going on a trip what a time to get hurt.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

40yrs ago.............

40 years ago I walked and trekked this path to the mountain top, wonder where am I for the past 39years.(shake head) I will back to mother nature at least once a week from now on. It all started 1 week ago Tenny ask me to join her for the public aerobic at Taman Tasik. To be honest, I normally will not wake up 6.30am just to go for anything unless it's really important, for 'aerobic', definitely NO. I did it because I was somehow put in a situation that I have to said Yes, so..... kind of hard to wake at 6.30am, but...a promise is a promise right? Pick Tenny when to Tasik Park thinking it will be my last. The minute I got off my car the scene that I saw really tickle me, nice, was my first reaction and the air was nice the whole area was nice, it was really "1 Malaysia", people of all races exercising, and suddenly I am alive....hahaha.....since this is the first time I am kind of shy and no camera so nothing much to write and I know I'll be back.
So...we are back again this Sunday with "camera", what we did last Sunday was similar, except today another friend Jackie join us. The aerobic start at 7.30am with blasting music the atmosphere was nice, young, old, middle age man and woman all into action following the sifu(master) of aerobic. It was fun and laugther all through. It lasted for an hour ending with a Malay, Indian and Chinese song as "1 Malaysia", everybody clad to said thank you. We did not end here, like what we did last Sunday, we adjoin to Gunung(mountain) Lambak for more, line dance and mountain tracking....
Gunung Lambak is 510meter above sea level, at the foot of the mountain there is a recreation centre with a sifu teaching line dances and I..... for the first time in 40yrs trek up to the half way point, so proud of myself(take a bow) with the help of my 2 friends Tenny and Jackie who was with me though out making sure I am ok knowing that I am a heart patient and need to be extra careful. Alot of people were trekking too, nice and friendly people saying 'good morning' as we pass each other. Eventhough we are damn sure that we'll be back we still snap some photo for remembering my first after 40yrs.......
Suddnely.... I realise that I just simply love the environment the air, waterfall the trees you know what I mean.......mother nature.... nothing beat it, and it remind me of the movie"Arvata", hahaha.... As we were leaving we saw some gooses and monkey. Nowadays is hard to find or see any gooses around.
A day to remember..........

Monday, October 11, 2010


It had been a long time since my little garden look pretty. Long time ago I used to plant nice nice flower took from many part of the world that I travel. They all turn out beautifully even though the climate was different, but....Mom always get tired of looking at them for too long, out of the blue she'll just throw it all away, so much so I gave up planting. Recently I took up the hobby again, and once again the house look pretty with hanging pots of plants, some withwith flowers, mostly are leafy plants, at least it's so much greener, smoothing and nice for the eye, importantly..... the feeling is good.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

At Last

I went to TMnet to complain about my bad Internet line, at the same time upgrade it to 1g, and that was 2weeks ago, after much complain, finally they are here and got it done. From the old 2unit of a modern and a wireless to a single unit of wireless modern pretty neat. The package that I sign up come with a free wireless modern and a wireless telephone it was some kind of promotion due to many other competition I think, like 'P1', 'Mobile broadband and so on. I am trying it now, it looks good so far, at least I can blog and use my new laptop and hopefully the goodness will last hahaha....