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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Sewing Project

I mention in my last post about my sewing project.......well, it was those camera lens carrier. turn out nice and acceptable. I am still on the sewing project trying to sew nicer and more comfortable carrier for the lens, lols.
This is my electric sewing machine, they don't make this kind of sewing machine anymore and I am glad I bought it 30yrs ago, at that time it cost $370sin consider very expensive and I save like hell just to buy it. It never fail me, I had sew countless stuffs, from clothing to doggies clothes, patch work, alteration and many many more I even sew a patch work comforter once. After 30yrs it still good. Like said before I am glad I bought it.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Good and Bad News.

Let's go for the good news first, remember I mention that I'll be going for medical checkup? Yes, I did and very happy and proud about it, I pass with flying colour again, even my doctor was glad with my medical report because is better than the last, so happy really, three cheers to me, hahaha.Check Spelling
And now the bad news.......the very next day as I was driving home after work about 11.30pm, my car broke down, the car engine was very hot, panic and called a friend who stay quite near me and he call his mechanic, who came to help. Actually there is nothing much he can do except to drive my car safely home and pick it up the next day for repair. Conclusion, the thermostat spoil, water not going into the engine therefore temperature of the engine shot up. Thank God it didn't happen the day before or else I am in big big trouble, being outstation and the car broke down could be disaster.
Total repairs cost not too bad Rm160.00.
Honestly speaking I have been kind of busy with some sewing project, and worst of all was the Internet connection had been bad hopefully it will better.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Looking good life style....

After my bad experience of the expired sugar testing strip, I somehow felt that being healthy it's so important. Imagine me...a heart attack patient and add on being a diabetic, just can't stop that negative thoughts flashing in my mind. I took care of my mom for years, and I saw her going through as a diabetic especially towards the end of her life, it's quite sad actually. Nobody can predict the future but being healthy help alot. As a heart patient, I have many rule to follow, proud to said I am quite good at that. I am now enjoying my new life style. Being able to go to the gym at least 5days a week it's really enjoyable for me. It's already 18mths since I joined the gym, looking at myself now and before, I must said I look so much better now, much tone up, no flabby back, smaller tummy, better complexion, no more pigmentation, radian look and lost a kg....not perfect off cause,atleast a good medical report, I am most satisfied and happy whenever I get compliment, not one but many. Even though I am a heart patient, I tried my best to be as healthy as possible, not just excises, my diet has change too, less meat more vegetable and fruit if possible no oil, don't get me wrong I am not an extremist, I do take naughty food sometime, hahaha.....
A friend told me some time ago that "as a heart patient I am not suppose to exercise or over work myself ", "Thank-you" my friend for reminding me,but.... not to worried I love myself just as much as you love me and will not over stress but enjoying every moment of it....hahaha.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Expiry date..

Because mom is a diabetic, I am always worried that I might inherit it, therefore I'll check my sugar level once in a while, I did that 2 days ago. And it's a shocking experience when the result show 15.7 which is so damn high, at that very moment I just mumble, " mom why you have to love me so much to even pass me your sugar". I couldn't believed it, normal reflex.... to check the expire date, true enough it stated"EXP 02.2010", no doubt it had expired in Feb 2010, I still think my sugar lever must be high in order to achieved 15.7. I call my doctor straight away to made an appointment to see him on Monday, but... today is only Wednesday....... how can I stress myself for another 5days, can't wait till Monday, went to a pharmacy paid Rm2.00 to have my sugar level check, guess what..........6.2 in mid afternoon....that's great, normal and not high at all.....phewwww, what a relive, hahaha. ******* Funny right.... how expired product made sure you check the expiry date on anything before you use it........