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Monday, July 30, 2007

can you imagine, my car roadtax has expired since 24/7, and l just got it done yesterday phewwww..... have been driving without roadtax for the past 5days, lucky so far no road block, hehe, anyway..... think ROV give a grace period of 2weeks. Did something very sneaky today hehe..........something like, bought an electrical good, which is the same as the one that l bought 3months ago and is spoil now, kept the new one and return the old one for replacement(as though is spoil upon buying) using te new reciept, actually the old one is still under warranty, but lazy to sent back to the manufacturer la, so use this tactic to get 2 brand new goods lor.........hahaha, kept one for myself and gave the other to a friend as house warming gift, hehehe........any comment??

Sunday, July 29, 2007

To day l invited my good friend 'bee queen'(funny name hor) to eat her farvorite dish of 'black vinegar cook with pork leg 'yummy' she said hehe........she is going to help me in my daughter's wedding........yeah.
oh! by the sister in law who is a dog lover, stayed in s'pore bought another dog, a "West Highland White Terrier" cost sin2000.00
Oh boy.... now she is a proud owner of 7doggies, 2 Shit Tsu, 1 Pomerian, 1 Pekiness,
1 Rough Collie, a Shetland Sheep and now a WestHighland White Terrier, thank god she have a semi-D house with big compound for them to ran about, and sleep in aircon room(so lucky hor). See all these lovely doggies.............

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is my off day today........, woke up late, didn't even cook, stay home whole day except dinner, when to our regular place, not bad at lease is cheap But l must said this, the "lua pan liong" use to be so pretty, but don't know why lately she look terrible, lost a lot of weight and her complexion is not good, wanted to ask her what happen, but...... nah..........not to be "kay poh", instead we have a chat of supplement and vitamins. Well, this is also a topic for all women that l would like to share........all woman should be taking EPO(evening prime rose) when turn 30yrs old, supplement like multivitamin, calcium magnesium with vitamin D(to prevent breast cancer) this are the main vitamin that is a must to keep healthy, more fruits and vegetable less meat. For those who are married and have given birth should add in glucosamine to avoid joint problem. l personally add in fresh juice to be taken everyday with a table spoon of "apple cider vinegar", apple cider vinegar is for detoxification, and promises the cheapest way to retain your youth(it happened to me)believe it or not, no harm trying rite? is cheap why not, haha.... most important of the above all is, exercise, "exercise is the easiest way to look young" said DENISE AUSTIN

Monday, July 23, 2007

oh........daughter's wedding arrangement is coming along well, there will be a civil ceremony on the 10/03/08 with a beautiful tea ceremony, than traditional chinese wedding on 30/05/06, round table dinner on 31/05/08 for relative, business associates and parent's friends(groom side), and on 01/06/08 will be having a long table dinner just for friends of bride n groom, all this happening in Prince Hotel, isn't that great. And on the 06/06/08 will be dinner for my relative and friends in Kluang Prime City Hotel. l m now preparing my name list, is not easy though, only know most of them in 'nick' have to start collecting names, hehe, big job for me, 'oh boy' Just received a breaking news........Alex's silky Mickey bite the wall of his house, a chunk is gone...wah...........ha...........ha.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

it have been raining since 8am this morning so is a wet wet day, and my morning started off real bad, with repeating history of untruth accusesation, sad, sad real sad. Anyway........ tomorrow is another day, life still go on. Have been thinking the whole day about myself, l think life suck. When good deeds is done nobody appreciate, everybody take it for granted, life is really suck.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

hahaha, l have a surprise visitor today(21/07), he is my nephew Woo Yan Jack from KL, he happen to be attending a wedding in JB, so he just detour into Kluang to see me n my mum(grandma). so l brought him to taste the most popullar coffee and kaya toast at "KLUANG RAILWAY KOPITIAM' it was so crowded, nice to eat though, but.... bad for me, and worse of all l miss my aerobic today.....sobs, sobs those high cholestrol/calories food, quite angry with myself. well, another surprises, my sister came to took my mum out for dinner, this is really a surprise, wonder, wonder n wonder......... oh yes not forgetting the 'star idol', Hishiko was in the dangerous mode, l thought since she is in the dangerous mode maybe is open for voting, so l vote and vote and vote(didn't know is already close for votting at 8pm) so worry that she'll not get in, "thank god" she got voted, so till next friday 9.30pm, and history repeat again on sunday 10.15pm, hahaha, bye........

Thursday, July 19, 2007

l felt so stupit today, when to the bank to paid up my credit card that l sgn in Canada, l thought it was master card so l just paid the full amount, after paying(use machine)l felt something is wrong so l check my bills, true enough, the blur blur me paid the wrong card, haizzzzzzzzzz.

Monday, July 16, 2007

happy happy day....because gladys is getting married, she give me this wedding blog to fellow her preparation of the wedding, is such a unique way of keeping her friends informed, what will the young ppl do next l wonder. well, l want to share this with those who read my blog, a friend gave me a big bag of duck wing, inorder to thank them l make a dish out of it: deep fried ginger and garlic, add in red bean paste(nam yue) carry on frying until fragrance, than put in the duck wing stir fry with a little black sauce till nice colour than add in water, slow fire until soft, serve with long cut spring onion. how is it? watery mouth already? go try it out is yummy.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

it is a very bad day for me today, was worken up by a very bad headache, is so bad that l thought l m goin to die, it was a very sharp pain on my left temple, is like a pin point pierce through my brain. anyway took 2 panadol in the morning and 2 in the evening, is gettin better but is still there, have to go to bed with the headache hopefully is gone when l wake up tomorrow morning.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

erm.........have been real busy the past 2 days, today is also another busy day, woke up late so chat a while in te MSN than to the market. eekeekkkkkkkkkkk, "OMG" is it the fleas season??, my Million Dollar got ticks, those small little one that run real fast, give them both a 'ticks bath' and spray 'frontline'.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

well, is just another day, only a little differant bcos, l start wearin my old little Ts... not so bad, but............................still fat, alot more to work on it, have been doing aerobic for the past 10days, with a 15mins super stomach execise, haizzzzzzzzzz..................very stresssssssssssssssss..........

Saturday, July 07, 2007

So much for doggies talks, is time to talk abot human wahaha............... today, is the wedding of my god daugther, hiazzzzzzzzzz, she is only 19yrs, why is she getting married at this age??? guess you already knew the answer, anyway, whatever it is, got to wish her "Tian Chiang Ti cheiw" Will post some pics latter if l can get some. before going for the wedding l need clothe(sobs, sobs)notthing from my cupboard fit me(try guessing why), need to go buy, how sad....... l tried and tried alot but notthing look nice on me, at last l found this top to go with my ugly blue baggi pant, so stress..................... than come the dinner it was nice with karaok, oops..... l forget to bring my CDs, neh.......not going to sing this time round........but hor.......those singer l drove home to get my favorite CDs n sang "Take My Breath Away" the only english song, hahaha, guess why l sang english? well.... frist l can't read chinese and secoundly nobody knows even if l sang it wrong wa..........ha...........ha