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Sunday, February 28, 2010

'Chap Goh Mei'

Today is the 15th day of Chinese New Year, also the final day of the festive season. It ended really well for me because all my siblings got back on this 15th day for a reunion before the new year ends.
Unfortunately I didn't managed to join them for the celebration in the restaurant because by time they confirmed the dinner, it was too late for me to make alternate arrangement to close my stall. Since I didn't join them, I made some black glutinous rice dessert with 'tong yuen' for them to enjoy. It is good to eat 'tong yuen' on this special day according to some old ladies'... hahaha!!
Coincidentally, today is also my nephew Wayne's birthday. We celebrated his birthday at the stall with a lovely birthday cake. It's a pity I did not get to enjoy the whole celebration fully as I was extreme busy. But then again, it's not that 'pity' also la because it's good that business is good. Hahaha!! I had another nephew of mine handled my camera. No choice la... business more important. Nothing much to see actually. I wanted him to take some candid shots of everyone on this memorable occasion. Somehow it turned out to be just this miserable pot of dessert...
...and the cake cutting of course. At least some sweet memories.
In another part, as promised in my last entry, here are some of the photos taken during my CNY holiday. See this sweet little girl, she is my grand niece. Meaning, my cousin's grand daughter. She is really a cutie pie. She was with us throughout at the dinner hosted by Theresa.
This one here is also very very cutie, cute cute. She is the 'JEWEL' of my heart. I made her posed for me. Haha! It was taken at one of the restaurant in Kuantan called 'Duyong'.
At the popular Hai Peng Kopitiam and that's the founder of the shop. See the poster and the real him standing there in the white pagoda tshirt.
The foods... yummy right, especially the stuffed crabs. Signature dish of Kemaman.
As we entered the stuffed crab restaurant, the urn of the 'goddess of earth' were burning - a sign of prosperity. Mind you, it was very very unusual and the fire died down as soon as we sat down. It looks like the fire light up just for us. Prosperity to all of us in the year of the Tiger! hehehe....
Fun time. I love bubble. So does Christian. He had great fun. He went like... "Auntie Popo... I want to be in the bubble...", so I said "Huh? *scratched head* let me see what l can do ok?"...
The swing was also fun... can't remember when was the last time I sat on one or stand on one hahaha.

We left 'Ruby's Resort' after the swing and headed for some local shopping.

So... bye bye Kuantan for now... I'll be back to 'Ruby's Resort' soon!.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Year of the Tiger

It has been real busy this Lunar New Year of the Tiger. I was away from home for 10days again. Left home with Million, Dollar and my super maid on the eve(13/2) about 4pm therefore and reached Kl just in time for the reunion dinner with my brother and his family, was too busy catching up and eating I forgot about taking picture and left for Daughter's home at 10pm too tired even to join them at her in law's house for prayer to receive the god of wealth. ****
The Lunar New Year is a 15 day celebration for all Chinese national as well as the Korean, Taiwanese and the Vietnamese think we all came from China only to speak a different lingo.
The 1st day of CNY I visited my cousin Margaret, and had a big gathering at her house with most of my other cousins, was also surprise to see my aunt(dad's only sister)too, because she is from Johor Baru way down south, my brother Chai , daughter and son in law was also there, we had some game of mahjon here, that's a happy 1st day.
As for 2nd day I visited my daughter's in law, and latter in the evening Theresa invited me to have dinner with her and family, after dinner we Chile out at her place, that's a memorable 2nd day.
The 3rd day, daughter have booked and made an arrangement for a 3d/2n holiday with the furkids in Kuantan Cherating at "Ruby Resort", it was very relaxing for us especially the mahjon sessions so near the beach which ended at the early hour of 6am, the place is supered for the furkids

to run free by the beach, sorry to said again I was having so much fun watching Million and Dollar that very little photo was taken, not to worry you can see most of the scenic here at daughter's blog if not we will be going again somewhere in August and I make sure I'll have some very nice photo of my furkids running around or swimming by the beach.
We departed 'Ruby's Resort" on the 5th day with some local shopping of dried shrimp and ikan bilies suppose to be very fresh and cheap. Arrived Kl almost 6pm, rested for awhile then off we went to the super market to buy some stuff for the gathering at our place on the 6th day which is the next day, phew....
Well, today is the 6th day of the Lunar New Year and we decided to have the gathering at our place and off cause I am the chef. This is what I cooked simple, simple only, cousins and family, brother and family, Terri and family and Eveylyn and family. After dinner it was mahjon time again, and the last game ended at 6.30am, gosh so, so tired and sleepy but so enjoyable playing with Margaret and Celvin, and this is the final day in KL, I am leaving tomorrow(meaning latter today).
Today is 7th day, woke up late because of the early morning MJ game, when out for lunch go rounding looking at beautiful scenic of luxurious houses and to the pet shop bought dog food and a traveling Bangalore for my Million and Dollar, and left for Kluang at 4.30pm.
And..............home sweet home work starting on the very next day......8th day of the Lunar Chinese New Year which is the Eve of the Hokkien Clan New Year, and I have some orders to meet............
So, guess that's about all for the New Year Of The Tiger, once work started New Year is over even though it end on the 15th day. Some of the photo is not ready yet will post it in my next entry, bye for now, have a wonderful and prosperous Chinese New Year, Happy Holiday too.....

Friday, February 05, 2010

My new look....

I took all three photos using my mobile phone. The 1st two with flash, and the 3rd one without. Don't know why it look so different.

I took this picture just before I changed my hairstyle to this in April 2009. And now, for 2010, a whole new look!


I actually tired of looking at my curly wooly look for the last 50 years. Therefore decided on a very short hairstyle without perming. Look good right?? hahaha... I like this new hair style of mine very much.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Precious Moments With My Favourite Cousins

Yes, I extended my holiday. Coincidentally my cousin from Melbourne was back in Kuala Lumpur. I managed to meet up with her and her two sisters. They are all my favourite cousins. I decided to join them and their family for a 2d/1n trip up Genting Highlands. It was great catching up on each others' life as well as reminiscing the good old time we had a long time ago. It has been 30 years since we last spent time like this. Oh, besides the great company, enjoyed the cool highlands' air too....
We took the cable car instead of driving all the way up. All 13 of us had great fun.The children had great fun enjoying themselves in the themepark... ... while the adults enjoyed all the yummy food, trying their hand at the casino, and the karaoke too. All of us sang till our throat sore, hehe. I'll like to take the opportunity to thank my dear cousin Theresa for the invitation. I enjoyed myself so much and will always remember what a great time we had together!
See, my cousin Theresa is in the mascot business. When we visited her at her place, my daughter saw this pair of shoe and couldn't resist putting them on (whisper: she have a 'thing' when it come to shoes).That pair of funky blue shoe actually belongs to Genting's "God Of Fortune". My cousin Theresa supplies them their mascots.