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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Astro Flying Experience

 I went into 'YouTube' to look for this movie 'Heaven Is Real' and I came across many other movies except the one that I am looking for.  So I just clicked on reincarnation. Watch a true story in 3 parts about a girl name Manika from India, and than on to 'Life after death'. I am a kind person who love to watch or read about the impossible true life experiences, because me too had such experiences.  
Let's start with dreams....somehow everyone of us will had some kind of dream sometime, and the memories of dreams will be short life and kind of blur right? From my experience I had a few dreams that was never forgotten, and this is one of them...
Way back in the early 90's I had my first experience of 'Astro Flying' this is what my cousin said the word for such experience. One morning I woke up combing my hair and saw myself lying on bed still sleeping through a mirror, I was in shock thinking I am death and the next minute I woke up still shaking, relate this dream to my dad and he just laugh it off, after this I had few more  and the latest was in June this year when I went to Penang for  a short weekend trip with my cousin and her husband. It all started....I was having my afternoon nap when I heard someone knocking my room door, and I tried to open it..somehow I just couldn't catch the knot it just when pass my hand and I can't open it at the same time I saw myself laying in bed sleeping.  I was so scare that I won't be able to go back to my body, next minute I woke up all sweaty. I related it to my cousin and she told me is call 'Astro Flying'. My cousin said if I think hard enough I can experience it even better, like flying in the universe seeing people whom had pass on...honestly....many time I had told myself, the next 'Astro Flying' I'll experiment it out of my bedroom and see how far I can go but each time I am so frighten And the experiment is forgotten.
Just wonder has any of you had such experience before?
If some of you had follow my blog will know I had a sudden heart attack in 2007, will tell you about what happen next when my heart stopped. 


mun said...

I think I used to free fall in my dreams. Now no more.

Yes, please blog about your experience.

Good to see you back blogging. Thanks for your comment. Welcome back! :)


Thanks Mun