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Monday, May 12, 2014

Thunder goes on and on.......

Nowadays it's always good weather in the morning, and...most of the time it rain in the late afternoon not only rain the thunder goes on and on and on for hours.  It's so loud sometimes it woke my grandson up crying, I have to hug and rock him back to sleep, closing his ear with my hand. 
Why is it that the lighting and thunder is so different from those good old days, it's scary at time, a sudden loud bang which echo for a very long distant. If my grandson is not sleeping I have to hug him and he'll catch me very tightly.
I wonder.... like the old mother's tale...." If someone did something bad or wicked will strike by the lighting", maybe someone up there knows something over in Malaysia that we don't.....hahaha



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mun said...


Hope to see you posting more. I know you must be busy loving your grandson and taking good care of him. Take good care!