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Saturday, August 02, 2014


This happen 7 years ago, many time I wanted to blog about it but just can't get it probably written or elaborate it well enough to read,  I really want to share my experience, so you can be aware and know when a "Heart  Attack" is coming before it actually attack you.  I have got so much to said and explain that it have to be in a few entries, please be patient, if you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them with my experience. 

 It was 18/2/2007 2nd day of the Lunar New Year, it suppose to be a very special day celebration for us as a Cantonese.  Open house with plenty of food and not leaving out the 'Rainbow Yeesang' symbol of prosperity.  It was great lunch with family and friends after prayers.  Mahjong is the game that our family enjoy the most and we usually play only once a year during this time and I love it.  While playing the game I was actually feeling  pain on my chest off and on, thinking it was no big deal because lately I have been having on off chest pain once in a while that come and go very quickly so I just ignore it. 
Well....... was expecting 2 of my friends from KL to visit today,  when they called that they had arrived Kluang I was very excited and kind of rushing to keep everything in order around the house....and my chest pain increases, starting to  perspired...when they arrived I tried to act normal but the pain was starting to be unbearable and I sweat so badly that it was noticeable by my daughter she said it might be some kind of food poisoning or gastric because the pain is in the middle of my chest, she ask me to go to my room and rest, so.... nobody suspect it was a heart attack further more I'll be the last person  in the family to have a cardiac problem because I am the only one that exercise almost everyday.  Food poisoning will be the cause of the pain.. because of the yeesang(shashimi) we took during lunch time, conclusion.  By now I was sweating furiously and breathing was rapid, felt like vomiting, tummy ache, my head spinning and the pain was so bad it's no way that I can's a very sharp pain kind of like someone cut you deeply with a knife, my eye was closing due to lacking of oxygen and I know I have to prolong my consciousness I cannot be breathing so fast I'll get fits, so I started to breath in and out with 5 counts.  Bear in mind that my KL friends is still in the sitting room entertain by my daughter, I try to prolong with my breathing exercise and kept awake at least till my daughter come in.  I really don't know how long that was... maybe 10 to 15 mins or more. I tried very hard to keep my eye open, sitting up and walked around my room because my eye was closing when I lie down, somehow I knew if I close my eye I might not be able to wake up ever again.... Finally....  my friends left and my daughter walk into my room... almost immediately  I felt on my bed and pass out.  According to my her my skin color changers from the normal skin color, to red, purple and then to dark purple lastly... white foam came out of my mouth and she cannot find my pulse, my heart stop....

The story begin from here..".WHAT HAPPEN AFTER MY HEART STOPPED" Well...suddenly I was in this very huge piece of green land that looks like a garden but no flower just huge trees and beautiful soft grass, looks very serene and beautiful, at the far end I saw this big black log or burnt tree trunk that looks like a black tunnel believed me, I was walking toward the same time I heard my daughter telling my brother that I have no pulse very clearly I heard her saying "my mommy is death", very loudly my brother said "NO" and suddenly I can heard my family shouting and calling out my name.  Surprisingly at this moment I told myself I cannot die.....I must not walk towards the black hole I must walk back because my daughter is not yet married and if I die she'll be left all alone... this was my real concern really, I told myself I must not walk toward the black hole, I must turn I woke up feeling very very cold,  and that was my first seizure. 
It's not a joke I had 4 seizure, that means my heart stopped 4 time withing 20mins from home to hospital that very day.  The 2nd seizure came just min away from the 1st one....I had more to tell you in my next entry....because it's quite late now...Oh daughter was doing CPR in her own way pounding on my chest to bring my heart beat  back.


mun said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. Black hole - so it is true then that when people die they walk towards either a black hole or towards the light and by sheer will they can return to the living, to their loved ones who are calling their names. Can't wait to read the rest but do only blog when you can spare the time.


Mun....Actually you can only see the light when you are inside the black hole, the light is the exit to another world. (We always joke, turn back when inside the black hole never follow the light) Before shouting out name, allow this person to know that he/she just die, and call out his/her name asking to come back. Well, there must be a reason good enough to come back or else out curiosity they'll wonder off, the Greenland is so peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate ? Email me at Hope to hear soon. Thanks!

mun said...

Happy belated mid-autumn festival! Hope you are well.