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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5 Days in Hatyai

I was in Thailand from the 9/11-13/11, nope no flood in Hatyai, flood only in Bangkok.
It was a 5days tour by bus starting on the 9/11 at 10.30pm stopping on the way and reached Hatyai about 1230pm. Our group consist of 21 person majorities woman with 4couple, important part was we knew each other had been to other trips together so... it was really fun.
Nothing to do on the first day only scouting around looking at things that we want to buy and check out the prices. As for me I don't intend to buy much, don't want to spend $$. My intention was to look for good massage and look see, look see, but still.....I must said in Hatyai it's really too tempting, 'shopping paradise'.
Our tour started the next day to the floating market letting out floating lantern for good blessing. It was a good experience I kind of like it with those small sampan selling food at 20butt. The scene was beautiful, not only sell food,there was also small stall selling cute cute things too. Very crowded because 11/11/11 is the festival of the floating lantern it only happen once a year.
The third day was temple visiting, we visited 3 temple, don't know what's the name, it seem all the temple sound the same to me, hahaha. Oh yes...I saw this pretty cat in one of the temple, at first we thought it was a statue the cat was so still stareing at the tree I think there is a bird up there, hahaha...went she move we all had a good laugh. We also went to a honey manufacturer, I didn't buy any, because I notice everywhere I went, here in Malaysia or other country there is always a real honey know what I mean. Next to a local product shop here I bought some suppose to be very tasty preserve vegetable call "chay poh"from here we went back to the hotel, rest for a while and went for the a massage and our last program for the night was to the disco, we dance and listen to music by some pretty girls singer, when they finish singing they came out topless asking for money.......funny a disco you know, there are so many way to make money in Thailand.
So...the fourth day is free and the whole day walk until the leg want to break, this day I bought some singlets, 2 pair of sandals and walco bra, dinner with red wine and karaok at the hotel......and ...voila....that end our tour because we will be leaving very early tomorrow morning.
Before we get into the bus, this is what they sell, small little dumpling, this is a must buy when you go to Thailand.......
And "GOOD BYE" Hatyai.....I'll be back.....

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Surprised and Shocking Visitors.....

Actually I had so much to write, so many event since my last entry, sad to said I really don't have time to write them....But I'll promise to write them all as soon as possible, at the meantime...I like to show you this visitor that came into my wet kitchen this morning eating the left over bit and pieces. I was surprised when I saw this monitor lizard,and shocking when he/she don't even bother with me while as I was snapping away with my camera.,
And this bird is also flying all over my wet kitchen as though I am not there for quite sometime if I am not mistaken this is the 2nd generation for this bird family , sometime she/he just stood there watching me doing my work.......