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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bye Bye Saigon.........

I know, I know...I am kind of slow redbabe already finished blogging about our Saigon Trip and she is already in Macau with her husband. Like I said before (Mun more stamp for you, hahaha) I'll just share the photo, as for the write up redbabe said it all.
The beautiful Vung Tau beach that we visited on the 4th day of our tour.The beautiful architecture. The War....... it's so sad to looked at all those photo in the museum. The bombs and guns.
GI in action........Mr Tai showing a bullet hole to the new GI. Things that we did and have good laugh over it.

The unusual sight that we saw, especialy her sock....

The sunsilk promoter models. The nice and friendly Malaysian family that we met .

And lastly the birdeye night view of Saigon from our departure plane.

Overall, I like Saigon, if there is a chance I'll be back.

Monday, April 19, 2010

3rd day "MyToh"

It's was not a very good day right from the minute our not nice and grumpy tour guide who picked us up 15minute earlier and yet complained that we are late. Overall...both daughter and me can't wait to go back to our hotel. For this 3rd day I'll just show you photos as for the write up you can read it here in 'redbabe' blog, she already in the final day of our Ho Chi Ming trip, hahaha.
Numerous of boat ride from ferry to sampan. Some singing performances. Tasting and trying to sell us honey. Making
of coconut candy, also trying to sell us. Making the rice paper. Pony ride .

It was a bad tour with the tour guide dropped all of us at a unfamiliar destination, latter we walked almost a kilometer to our hotel. We found out from one of the guide the following day that he had no job for a month due to quite a number of complains.

Bye for now, and come back for more photos, made sure you visit 'redbabe' blog for more information or introduction of Vietnam, Saigon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cuchi Tunnel

Our 2nd day here in Saigon. The itinerary was to visit the Cuchi Tunnel, our tour started at 7.45am with the tour guide Mr Bang picked us up in a mini bus, together we picked up a family of 10 Malaysian malay and a German girl. **** Mr Bang is a funny guy with sense of humour making our tour interesting. The whole group of us get along so well and was really fun throughout the tour in Cuchi. Honestly, I still cannot believe how people can live in those rat hole for more than 20yrs.To survived and the safety of their family should be the motivation. We went into one of the tunnel which has been expanded to twice the size for tourist like us to go in and have a look, even it has double the size we still need to bend real low, really thump-up to the guerrilla who lived in there. Redbabe was afraid of darkness so she kept flashing her camera flash light making route easier or else it was a pitch of darkness. Just by looking at these trap made my hair stand, it's terrific. **** A group photo here on the tanker was taken by Mr Bang he had at least 8 camera and kept telling us 'not to worry I have done this a thousand time', just look at my photo it almost lost the top guy, lols. All I can said is Mr Bang really love his job. **** At the entrance of the Cuchi Tunnel there is this tree, I have never seen a 'Jack fruit Tree' that bear so many fruits. After taking the photo of the 'Jack fruit Tree' our 'Cuchi Tunnel' tour ended. **** We joined the Muslim family to have lunch in a Hala restaurant. From here Mr Bang was so nice and took us to 'China Town' without extra charge. I had a very good bargain here in china town bought some hand made sandal, USD30 for 4 pair very pretty right? I bought some tiaras for a friend's daughter birthday party. Well, there are more photo and a better write up at: Redbabe cozy Conner. Bye for now.........

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Vietnam Trip 2010

It was our last destination of the Airasia zero fare trips. And here we are in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City also known as Saigon. As we arrived at the airport, we felt like superstars with hundreds of people welcoming us.
We spotted our pick-up guide, Mr Thai, a very warm and nice fellow who loves his job tremendously.
"Queen Ann" is the hotel we stayed in.
A very nice and pleasant hotel but our room was not ready when we arrived because we were kind of early. So Mr Thai brought us to try the famous beef noodle of Vietnam.Surprisingly tasty and yummy. In Vietnam, all meals come with a plate of fresh vegetables. As for the price... I am not too sure. About RM3.50 per bowl. Here are the various kind of beef noodles we had tried throughout our stay.
Here's our room. Very nice and comfy bed even though it was without windows again (don't know how come).
Our exploring of Saigon started almost immediately. Daughter went to the reception to enquire the locations and the two of us set out on own tour to the 'Cua-Tay Market' (also known as the Ben Than Market) one of the popular tourist attraction. As we were walking toward the market, we couldn't bring ourselves to cross the road. The traffic here do not follow the traffic lights system and there were thousands of motorbikeswhich make it more so impossible to cross the road and extremely scary. Thank God we saw our lucky star, hahaha, a group of westerner with a local guide walking towards the same direction, and quickly we follow them but after a while we lost them. Our nightmare begins... but we manage to arrived at the market somehow with a few missing heart beats, lols. It was very tiring to shop there because the mark-up prices were way up too high making it impossible to bargain or even to buy after a 50% of discount. We ended up window shopping to gauge the prices of things that we intend to buy. Went back to the hotel to freshen up and rested for a while and off we went for dinner at the side walk sitting on low children tables and chairs. Oh yes, by the way, the favourite pastime of the people here is to sit on low table and chairs drinking coffee or tea facing the road watching traffic going by. It's a scene you will see everywhere in the city of Saigon.
It's kind of interesting on the first day for us, will tell you more about 'Cu Chi Tunnel', Mekong River and blah, blah, blah!! Have a nice day!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Away again.

Opps!! Sorry for disappearing, I was away with daughter to Vietnam, still editing the photos, will try to share them as soon as possible. See you soon........