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Monday, August 31, 2009

Tioman Paya Beach - Day 1

After much persuasion from my two good friends, I decided, on the very last minute, to join them and their family for a holiday in Paya Beach on Tioman Island to celebrate our national day. It was a 3 days/2 nights trip, left on the 28/8 and back on the 30/8. All of us gathered at Tenny's place before departing for the jetty. I left my car at her house and hopped into her niece's car together with Tenny and her husband plus her daughter. We arrived at the jetty in Mersing at 10am and met up with the rest of the group. After much hassle, the entourage of 29 boarded the ferry for Paya Beach. The ferry sailed at 10.30am and we finally arrived our destination full of excitement & anticipation after 2 hours, at 12.30noon.
Here are the villas we stayed...
the beach in low-tide...
The water was crystal clear. Really beautiful. Our other friend "Chaire" was already there 4 days earlier with her family, waiting for us with Tequila in hand to welcome me and Tenny...
After checking in and settling down, we headed straight for the beach. We swam along side hundreds of beautiful coral fishes. It was unbelievably beautiful.
Dinner was great. There was so much food, and
who is talking about diet??? After dinner we chatted till don't know what time and all these is only my first day in Tioman....

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Great Day

We made a trip to JB today because "St Chaire" have a doctor appointment there. Naturally, Tenny & I took the opportunity to tag along.
Her appointment was at 10am and finished at 10.30am. That left us plenty of time to spare. We decided to head down to Tebrau City. We started off with a nice yummy lunch.
After which we decided to do some shopping & that two women practically went crazy!
I said "some shopping" didn't I? Just look at these.
We started off from Kluang at 8am and came back at 8pm, 12hrs, minus 3hrs traveling time, 1hrs at the clinic and that's 8hrs of shopping. My goodness... no wonder my poor feet need some good shoe, wa...ha....ha.
Lucky thing we went in my car or else I don't know where to put those stuff.... phewwww... Anyway, thanks girls for the great time.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Nephew's Wedding

I am back to KL again and this time it is for my nephew's wedding.
All went well for the wedding. From the wedding party on the eve right thru all the ceremonies to the wedding dinner.
I felt good because once again I get to meet up with all our relatives especially my favourite cousins, Margaret and Theresa. I've always enjoyed myself whenever I am with them.
Oh, also managed to catch these beautiful pair of uninvited guests on my camera...
Well, for this trip, I spent a total of 5 days & 4nights starting from Saturday 1/8 till Wednesday 5/8/09. Didn't really did much except for the wedding. Gladys was down with flu and therefore I need to drive myself to wherever places I wishes to go. One fine day, I decided to head over to my cousin's house on my own. I am always very bad with direction and sure enough I was lost for a good two and a half hours passing places that l have never been or seen before. At one point, I even got myself on a don't know what highway with so little cars that I almost had the whole highway to myself.... hahaha...
I finally found my way there safe & sound after an impromptu two and a half hours sightseeing tour. I am very sure this will be the first and last time I'll ever get lost again going to my cousin's house... hehe
Coincidentally Gladys' birthday fall on the 5/8. Actually l wanted to celebrate with her on the eve but unfortunately, she is down with a bad flu. So we just went for a simple dinner and I left the next day saving her actual birthday for her friends and love ones.
"Happy Birthday MY LITTLE BO PEEPS".