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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easy N Yummy....

I have been missing right, ....for a reason busy experimenting a new "Blender" that I bought not long ago.
It's quite expensive in my category. This Blender is so powerful that you can put in a whole apple without cutting, and it blend so well you don't even feel the fibre while drinking, so easy to clean too, it was the easy cleaning that attracted me.....hahaha....just being lazy.....
Since than I just use it for my daily juices, and recently I started to experiment making healthy desert. Honestly, I am not those kind that made desert because it's too much work, but....with this blender everything seem so easy, so far I had tried out a few kind, like soy bean with white sesame, black bean with black sesame, peanut with white sesame, I tell you it's so yummy until a friend ask me to open a desert shop after trying it, hahaha....(blush), not much of the photo right, will snap better one the next time I made those desert. I can even blend a healthy breakfast, of cereal, black sesame, flax seed 2 slice of vegetable, a small banana and milk, very yummy and filling.
I made today, Pumpkin smoothie.....yummy, and it's so easy to made,maybe you can try it too:
1. Pumpkin, cane sugar, sago, coconut milk or fresh milk and maize.
2. Cut pumpkin and scrape the fresh maize and steam it.
3. Boil sago until clear.
4. Put pumpkin, sugar to taste in to the blender and blend till smooth.
5. After blending, add in maize, sago and milk, stir, and that's it.
Done, try it full of goodness...and yummy...