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Thursday, July 22, 2010

One of my Day Off.

It's all because the town council is coming to washed up the whole area where I worked, so I need to close shop and have a day off. And my day off started as, I woke up at 8am had my breakfast and left for the gym, only intend to stay for half an hour, but, only manage to join the class for 5mins because I had an appointment with Tenny and St.Chaire for asam(sour) laksa(curry), I don't want to meet up sweaty. For the laksa it's all because.......St.Chaire is pregnant, and she has been asking for this asam laksa so both of us had been bringing her to all kinds of curry noodle like, Indonesian curry noodle, Malacca curry noodle and many many local curry noodle until somebody told me about this new shop that sell delicious asam laksa and I promise to bring them to satisfied that pregnant woman, hahaha, it was nice, so delicious but forget to take picture. ***********
St. Chaire will be moving to Kuala Lumput pretty soon for her childrens' education in international school. That's the reason Yvonne had arranged the lunch at Bunnys', kind of farewell for St.Chaire, 'sob,sob'.......not many people, just 4 of us, Yvonne, Gwen, St.Chaire and me as St.Chaire guest. Both of us just couldn't take anything heavy, because the asam laksa still not yet digest. It sure is a good lunch, the resturant is fill with our laughter. One thing for sure, I am going to miss her very much.
At 2.30pm both me and St. Chaire left for JB together with our gym friends Ivy and Maggi to Nike factory hoping to get some nice gym wear, unfortunately all those stuff they sold there is out dated and mostly for man, do not fool by the name"factory", nothing special and it's not cheap at all. Came back at 6pm. When for steamboat dinner at 7.30pm with super maid. And atlast my eventful day ended here, came home at 9.30pm, and have a relaxing evenning in front of the TV.....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to Normal

It's back to normal for a while since the world cup ended. I must said this world cup had been different for me compare to those before, because, it was the first time that I put in abit of betting, won a little, watch most of the game and sometime with a glass of red wine,and at the same time trying very hard to minimise my excitement when my team score, hahaha.... because some game was passed midnight therefore I have to be very discreet in order not to wake up my neighbors up, and hug Million(pet)instead who is always sitting next to me, staring at me wondering what's that hug for, hahaha.

****** **

There was an occasion that I watched it with my brother and family who came back for a durian party arrange by my elder sister, shouting for our team to score and having red wine at the same time was really fun. Now that it's all over, somehow something is missing in my daily life guess some of you must have felt the same too, the withdrawal symptom, hahaha......But one thing for sure the tiredness set in...... it take weeks to recover even now I am still very tired, and with all those lost sleep which I am still trying to catch up, age has a great part in this, hahaha. Wonder what will it be in the next world cup, probably it takes month to recover......, maybe it will be the game watching me instead of me watching the game.........


Let me tell you about things that happen during this month. Firstly my sister Irene had arrange a durian party for the family, those were really good one so many different breeds, T9, T12, D24 and so was Delicious, but mind you it's 100% calories and it made you fat hahaha.


Other then the durian party we have a birthday celebration of my grand niece, Irene's grand-daughter Rhona, a sweet little thing with big round eye. *****

Overall, I had great fun watching the world cup and off course won some extra bucks made it even better.....can't wait for the next world cup in Brazil 2014.