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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This was a very special Chinese New Year for us, because we celebrated it in Kuala Lumpur for the 1st time, more relexed and Mommy did not have to cook for the whole family, as you all know that Mommy just had her heart surgery and she needs plenty of rest so here we are in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Visiting places, meeting up with friends (spider boy)and family,

Mommy came home and told us all about it, she said it with this touching sentence "It was very memoriable evening with bonding and fun ............"

A big question right, where is Million Dollar??? sad to say that me and my sister Dollar ..........both of us are on 'HEAT'.....sobs......sobs......what a time, sobs ..... missing those "Angpow".

Instead of those beautiful CNY dresses we had to use diapers, and our good friends, 'Rumba and Sunshine' stared at us in dismay as though we are 'Alien' from planet 'Pluto', wait till they are on heat and with diaper.

We "appeared" for 1 posting and then disappeared, l would like to apologise for that! Well, as you all know it's the time of the year that is always busy, busy, busy. Mommy is also busy making Chinese New Year goodies,of which l am only allowed to eat the crumbs, but it sure tastes great !
Let me show you the goodies that Mommy made ............This is pastry warp with peanut and sugar, is call "kok chai" in cantonese, yummy!! and this is new..............guess what it is made of, and how is it made?........if you get it right, mommy will courier 1 jar for you............hahaha.. this goes very well with beer........brup......and is very popular during Chinese New Year, is a kind of vegetable call "arrow head" Mommy slices it and deep's so. so, so yummy.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

hi everybody we are back....... it has been a very dramatic January for our family. Thank god! ............all went well.
Not forgetting all the well wishes that we have received from so many good good "positive thoughts" and all the prays have been heard, "A VERY BIG THANKYOU TO YOU, YOU AND YOU", Please pick up this gift from us as a token of appreciation.